Sunday, January 31, 2010


While strolling on the path, my uncle said, "Chandrika, did u notice? It is the grave of that holy cow." Flowers on that grave grabbed my attention for a while. "You remember when you last time visited the guashala (cattle house), you gave her jaggery to eat."
"Which one?" I couldn't recall as I had given jaggery to many.
"The blind cow of steel grey color." He reminded me.
"Oh! that one."
"A wish fulfilling cow. It has brought pleasure and happiness in the lives of many."
I thought, "When I last time visited this place, I have a very strong desire to go to a foreign land. I have never been to any other country. In less than a week I was in US. Prior to that visit, my programme has been cancelled hundreds of times."

Was my visit to a foreign land a coincidence or a religious faith? Can a cow be in possesion of supernatural powers to look inside a person and fulfill what one is yearning for? Please express your frank opinions about it.

Note : In the photo in Hindi it is written,
"Kamdhenu Grave Yard"
Blind from the birth, this cow lived in this cattle house for six years.
Has fulfilled the desires of many, who visited her.
This cow was a real avtar.
The blessings of this cow would fulfill your life with happiness, its a proven fact.


  1. wow sounds amazing ! But somehow I'm really unable to comment whether it's the cow or the something else ? Coincidence ? Well..not sure ! I'm not a firm believer of such things..but I don't disrespect the faith people have May be yes the cow was a special avatar..

    You are lucky you got to visit the cow !

  2. Very difficult to agree with or otherwise.

  3. I cant say whether it was just a coincidence or did the cow really possess some supernatural powers thereby making it an avtar. But when similar coincidences happen then they do not remain mere coincidences. Frankly speaking, I realy believe that theses things exists..

  4. chandrika, do u really believe, that happened due to some super-natural effect of the cow...??

    i have a different theory for your dreams coming true, i will explain you.

    Whenever you make any wish to anybody (god,cow,other super natural powers) you generally ask for one thing which u strongly desire for and the one you really want to come true...

    And if u really want that wish to come true, u start making some constructive efforts in that direction, witha positive belief that you will get ur wishes fulfilled. your hard works pays and ur wishes are fulfilled.

  5. God wants us to be happy. God is a feeling that must be experienced. God lies in Good. Think Good and good things will happen. Miracles are possible.

  6. u believe in such things...i do times..a lil quirky but yeah.We live in a land of utmost belief and faith..Was a good read there..:)

  7. It is difficult to say if the cow was actually having some super-natural powers. I hardly believe in miracles :)

  8. There is so much that humankind does not (cannot?) understand. So often we speak to a higher power - either directly or through another - and great things happen. Other times it seems as if no-one hears or maybe things are destined to be different. Nice account Chandrika!

  9. well..this is all faith..depends how u see a person or animal or stone ... its a BELIEF..
    and it comes true when we have a motivation then things start falling in right prospective ..
    To me ..I believe in his power and his presence, in living and non living things..I respect all those .who believe in his existence and goes by his submission!!!

  10. @ Nu : You are lucky to read and comment about the cow! :) Thanks, Nu. :)

    @ BK Chowla, : Thanks a lot! :)

    @ Chanz : So, u believe that it is more than a coincidence. Thanks for being my blog buddy. :)

    @ @ease : Saint @ease, where are ur feet, I wanna touch them. :-D Damn cool philosophy. :)
    Thanks Saint @ease. :)

    @ Sjmach : Think positive and miracles will happen. Nice concept. :) Thanks!

    @ Madhu : I am glad to know that u liked it. :) Thanks, Madhu. :)

    @ Rachna : A cow is a cow not more than a cow. :)
    Thanks, Rachna!

    @ CambridgeLady : Really there are so many things happening around us which we can't understand. Many incidences from life can't be explained. Thnaks for ur appreciation. :)

    @ Harman : God is omnipresent and omnipotence. Thanks Harman, for explaining in simple words! :)

  11. All things are possible. Great story. Your wish was granted if, and only if, you believe it was.

  12. @ How do we know : Welcome to my blog. Thanks for ur comment. :)

    @ Gerry Boyd : Strong believe is helpful in wish fulfillment. Thanks for ur kind words. :)

  13. Depends on ones way of thinking. Its like believing in God, some do and some don't.
    But the point is why analyse each and every thing lets just accept things as they are.

  14. i really should stop calling my friends cow all the time :)

  15. @ Bhagyashree : Gr8 thought! :) Thanks! :)

    @ freelancer : LOL. Welcome to my blog. Thanks for ur cute comment and being my blog buddy. :)

  16. There are so many happnings which seem just coincidence. But there are really some natural powers which help us when we need.
    And don't think about what people think, if you believe in god, just believe!!!

    God will be always with you!!!

  17. this is the first time that i am hearing of something like this ! Indeed interesting !


  18. yaah it is there in our hindu culture to respect cow and pray cow ,some even drink cow urine which has many medicinal values , i saw many times in village people drinking cows urine ,comming to cows service ,it serves the people with milk,many people dwell on milk products so there is nothing wrong in praying cow after the death

  19. this was very interesting.
    Firs off.. do you not think that it is a spiritual matter? and if so do you not think that you are talking about the power to materialize desires through God?
    just checking ..interesting
    p.s. please come by my blog and leave comments again!

  20. This is interesting. Cow is considered as a holy animal in Indian culture, but I don't know if it could make supernatural things happen. Very strange indeed..I can't convince myself that this is coincidence.. Strong belief is an important factor in wish fulfillment..
    You got a new follower..

  21. Well, nice to know that you show love to animals ...what I think is that there might be nothing religious ...the cow's good heart would have fulfilled the wishes of many, and your incidence would be a coincidence ...anyway, I loved the way to talked about the cow ...yes, we need to respect animals, and give them love too.

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  23. Which is this place ? I will first try my luck and then i will tell.

  24. "Can a cow be in possesion of supernatural powers to look inside a person and fulfill what one is yearning for? Please express your frank opinions about it."

    I do not know the limits of what is possible and what is not. Even when it comes to cows. This is a puzzling one for me because in western society we eat them - it reminds me of a book - why we eat pigs, wear cows and love dogs.

    Insightful question thanks for sharing it.

    Tom Bailey

  25. if your belief is strong it will happen!
    thank you for stopping by my blog!
    please stop by again....
    i enjoyed reading your blog..
    take care~

  26. I really like your thoughtful way of writing. You stimulate not just the mind but the heart too :) I've been reading quite a few of your pieces lately and they have been quite refreshing reads.

    keep up with the good work :)

  27. @ ek gramin : Welcome once again, media person. :) Coincidences and the effect of natural powers are most of the times not distinguishable. Just faith in God is a good option, out of all this mess. Thanks a lot! :)

    @ Kavi : Thanks, Kavi. :)

    @ blunt edges : Before posting this story, I thought more people will be non believers. But to my surprise only one till now. :) Thanks for non beliving it. :-D

    @ T.Hemanth Kumar : Thanks for sharing such a good information about cows with us. :)

    @ natalie : I am a confused fellow. ;-) Thanks! :) Will sure visit ur site soon. :)

    @ Netha Hussain : Yaeh, its strange. Glad u find it interesting. :) Thanks a lot for being my blog buddy. :)

    @ Indian : Welcome! We must love and respect animals. Thanks! :)

    @ Indian : It will increase the number of spams. U just tell me when u will be visiting my blog again, I will remove it for that time period to avoid any inconvenience to u. :) Thanks a lot for ur suggestion! :) Keep visiting. :)

    @ Balvinder Singh : LOL. Thanks! :)

    @ Tom Bailey : I think the name of book is 'Why we love dogs, eat pigs and wear cows.' by Melanie Joy about carnism. This book can change ones opinion about the food one is eating. :) Thanks, Tom for ur frank opinion and sharing about book. :)

    @ dogfaeriex5 : U consider strong belief to be an important factor. Thanks for appreciating me and my blog.:) Sure I will. :)

  28. @ smitzy : Glad to know that u liked my way of writing. :) Thanks a million for ur kind words. :)

  29. Quite interesting! Many times a person, tree, animal or thing can prove to be magical and divine. But, I feel it is all in the heads of people. Once they know that there is a force guiding them they do things like they had never done before. There is vigour and enthusiasm and the assurance (may not be logical though) that things will work out because of the blessings of the divine. "Kaam karo phal ki chinta mat karo" is an apt proverb that comes to my mind here.

    However, having said that, if such a thing can bring happiness to so many one can think that it was chosen for this job. In a way, we could still believe that this cow was indeed an incarnation of Kamdhenu. Just my two cents. No offence meant to anyone.

  30. I think the psychology behind 'fulfilling' of wishes is very simple. Each time, a wish is fulfilled, we count it as "fulfilled", but do not take into account the multiple times a wish would not be fulfilled. If for instance, you will do a survey of ALL the people who had asked the any for something, and if they answer honestly, you will realize majority of people will say that their wish was "not fulfilled". Why I bring in the point of honesty is because everyone experiences a peer pressure in going against am established concept (miraculous nature of the cow in this case), and also because people would be afraid of repercussions of disappointing God (by labeling the cow as not miraculous).


  31. Well its the belief that counts, having said that would you judge me if I too pray looking at the picture :)

  32. Such an interesting post to read..I love cows so to me they are miraculous because they have such a soulful look in their eyes.

  33. @ Vittaldas Prabhu : Thanks a lot for ur deep philosophy! :)

    @ Ketan : Welcome to my blog! :) Thanks a million for ur valuable insight. :)

    @ Srivats : Thanks, Srivats. :)

    @ Sandy : Thanks for sharing ur feelings about cows. :)