Thursday, January 14, 2010

Mutual benefit

"Wanna glasses?" a young guy asked an aged villager, sitting in a group near a bonfire. The older one nodded. The guy squatted to show the glasses he was carrying on his hand. Villager picked up one, put it on the face and looked up and down, towards the farthest point and the close objects. Removed it and tried a new one offered by the moving shop. The black carry bag on the guy's shoulder contained the shopping items. The villager repeated the viewing of all things. Must have liked it so asked for its price. A good bargaining proved fruitful, of course for both.

A person buying a spectacles without consulting an optician! Is the villager looking COOL in his new purchase?


  1. I would say he is looking cool, hi there and thanks for visiting my blog, the picture you liked of the flowers is a card a made for my step daughter, thanks for the compliment I just did add it to my blog yesterday, I think it is very interesting you are from India, I am looking forward to seeing more of your blog, have a nice day :o)

  2. I don't suppose this is much different from people here who buy eyeglasses in the drug stores and choose by whichever magnification works for them.

    Thank you for your visits and comments on my photos. It was much appreciated!

  3. he is definetely looking great...In india everythin works!

  4. Such a neat post and what a fine enterprise . I guess this method of looking at what glasses are OK for you is deemed acceptable, now that we realise that US drugstores actually do this kind of thing when people look for reading glasses.

    I have seen the upmarket version of both the seller and the villager in a Mumbai Mall :-)....

  5. He indeed is looking cool; and I was convinced a few days back that we don't need to consult an optician to get a suitable spectacle glass.

    Rajasthani Turbans

  6. Hey nice one. :-) Put a smile on my face after reading it. He is looking wise with those spectacles, I must say.

  7. different products find their own consumers, i think this old man knows what he wants so he buyed a new spectacles without consulting a optician! after all consulting optician is a better choice !

  8. Well, things are cool only if they are done in the right manner.

    This is such an odd bit, buying glasses without consulting. Can prove darn harmful to eyesight..!!

  9. He does look cool, lovely write up

  10. I think he looks scholarly. This may sound funny but often glasses give people a wise look--this is just my opinion of course.

    I enjoyed the previous post about the gecko. It may be a toy but it looks real. In this country we have an big insurance company (GEICO) that uses a 'talking gecko' for advertising.

  11. It only happens in India...Thomas

  12. @ Lynn : Hi. Its nice to meet u. :) Those flowers (in the picture) were pretty nice. :) U are a loving mother. :)
    Thanks for ur visit and lovely comment. Keep visiting. :)
    Have a great day! :)

    @ Kahshe Cottager : The doggy in profile pic is so cute. I just want to take it out of the pic and fondle it. :)

    On earth, everywhere there are the same customers, same shopkeepers and same business tactics. :)

    Thanks for ur visit and nice comment. :)

    @ Madhu : Thanks! After reading comments it seems that everywhere it happens! :)

    @ Ugich Konitari : U r much luckier than me as u have watched the upperversion of this. :)
    Thanks a lot!

    @ Bhavesh Chhatbar : Thanks for cool comment. :) I think we need an expert optician for the accurate selection of glasses.
    Keep visiting! :)

    @ Vittaldas Prabhu : Thanks that for the cute smile. :) I will start using spects from tomorrow. Then everybody will think that I am also wise. :-D

    @ T.Hemanth Kumar : Some people know that they want only this very thing. May be villager is also one of them. Well said consulting an optician is better option. Thanks a million! Whenever u find time, please visit again. :)

    @ Tulika : If we stop consulting opticians then how they will make their livings? :) Yaeh, it is bad for our eyes. Thanks!

    @ Bhagyashree : Thanks for cute comments, cute lady. :)

    @ Roses and Lilacs : From tomorrow, I will be wearing the glasses to get a wise look. :-D

    Thanks, Marnie for liking gecko and sharing ur views about the GECIO company. :) Talking gecko must be fetching good bucks for the company. :)

  13. @ Thomas : It happens ....yaeh. Thanks! :)

  14. usually these glasses sold by them are "cooling glasses" and not for reading.

  15. HI! I love your blog message. I too love meeting others and coming together to share thoughts and expressions! I wish you the best in this new year and am looking forward to reading more of your blog!

  16. its in western. buying glasses from shop whichever suits them

  17. He's really lookin' good and wise for purchasing one... very nice... loved the read!!!:)

    A happy weekend!!!:)

    Keep safe!!!:)


  18. @ Haddock : It may be possible. Thanks, Haddock. :)

    @ kyungmee : Glag to know that u liked my blog message. :) U can visit my blog whenever u have time. Happy 2010. :)

    @ Mama Zen : Thanks a lot! :)

    @ iamyuva : Thanks for ur comment! :) Something can be common for one but can be special for others.

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  19. Chandrika I am here to say thank you for the thoughts you left on my blog. I appreciate and look forward to our correspondence

  20. His glasses make him look very wise and interesting, I do hope he can see well with them!

  21. @ Gauri Gharpure : So, nice of u. :)

    @ Anny : Yaeh, Anny. Thanks!

    @ Glennis : Thanks Glennis for lovely comment. :)
    I also hope so that he can see well with them. :)

  22. :) ya he is looking cool..

    thanks for ur comments on my blog.. urs is a cool one!

  23. In oen of our management classes we were introduced to this concept of ...'jugaad' :)

    nice post!

  24. all i can say is welcome 2 india :D

  25. Thanks for your visit :-)
    Great post on your blog
    he looks really cool and nice lines written!!
    Have a wonderful evening :-)

  26. @ SindhuBhairavi : Thanks for your kind words. :)

    @ Kaalicharan : :) Thanks for appreciation. :)

    @ blunt edges : :-D Thanks!

  27. @ Anya : Thanks for your kind words and comment. :) You too. :)

  28. I woul not say cool but what I would say is that he hopefully gets to see if they work better because I am not sure how their return policy would work in an area like that.


  29. Thatz interesting like selling bangles ?

  30. @ Tom Bailey : Thanks for ur genuine comments. :) I also hope so that specs work better for him for a longer period of time.

    @ Known Stranger : Yaeh, colorful glasses like bangles. :)Thanks!