Tuesday, January 31, 2023

Vastu Tips to Remove Financial Crisis

This post is the sequel of a day before yesterday post and yesterday post.

Almost a decade back, I visited a house for Vastushastra consultancy. I suggested them that they should change the position of the double bed and the almirah in which they keep valuables so that their financial problems can be solved. After a week when I visited them again, the owner of the house excitedly told me that when they shifted the furniture, in the dust bunny behind the bed they found a golden ring which they had lost a couple of years back. I still wonder about it!

The following points are not based on one success story but hundreds and thousands of my clients who have been benefited over the period of nearly two decades. These tips are so simple to follow however they give surprising results sooner or later.

1.      The altar or the prayer room should be in the North, East, North-East corner of the house.

2.      Make the North, East and North-East area of your house (marked as tick in the figure) junk free and as light as possible. Keep this part of your house as spacious as possible. Declutter it. (Maybe you also find some lost golden ring(s)!) Remove steel almirahs and heavy furniture from this area and place them in the South, West or South-West direction of your house (marked as cross in the figure). 

3.      Try to keep the doors and windows in the North, East and North-East direction of your house open for the maximum possible time so that the beneficial rays enter your house in abundance.

4.      Place big planters with creepers and heavy plants in the South, West, South- West area of the house so that the positive rays stay in your house. This will help you grow monetarily.

5.      Place a water filled pot for birds in the North, East or North-East corner on the roof or balcony. Daily change the water of the pot. It will bring prosperity for the residents of the house.

6.      Daily feed birds with just a half teaspoon of broken rice on the roof, terrace, balcony or windowsill in your house in the North, East or North-East direction of your house. It is an easy peasy point but blesses one with enormous wealth.

7.      The almirah in which you keep your valuables and money should be in the North or East area of the house. But the almirah should be placed along with the South or West wall of the room.

I charge a decent sum of money from my clients for sharing some of the above points. But I am writing it on my blog for free with a request to the readers to donate generously in the Sadhana App. If you do not have sufficient funds right now then please do not worry, donate whenever you have ample.

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Monday, January 30, 2023

Welcome, Ma Lakshmi!

Your overwhelming response to my post the other day as it was 1000th post on my blog, I am tempted to write this sequel. 

Enter the Golden Palace in Sadhana App to meditate on golden idol of Ma Lakshmi. As you close your eyes you will be able to visualize Her very easily as compared to any other image of Ma Lakshmi. Express your one desire to Her. Remember only ONE, not two and never three. Do not be greedy. You want a decent job, a hike in pay, good profit in business, gold coins, exquisite food, luxurious car, expensive clothes, magnificent mansions, wisdom of righteous thoughts, righteous words and righteous deeds, knowledge of immortality, or liberation from the cycle of birth and death. The choice will always be yours. She is the embodiment of grace. It is Her nature to be eternally merciful to her devotees and bless them in opulence. 

On Diwali 2021, Om Swamiji said, “Good acts are mandatory prerequisites to spiritual activities like chanting, meditation etc. In the absence of these prerequisites, one’s devotion becomes bereft of spiritual grace and strength. It is incomplete and leaves us spiritually weakened. Sri Narayan can be attained with purity and good deeds. Sri Bhagwan and Sri Mata reside in the hearts that are brimming with purity.”

Put a cut on your expenditure and light the lamp in someone else’s life with that saved money. Last Diwali, I did not decorate my house with decorative lights, attractive lamps, glass jar lanterns, colorful candles, creative rangolis, fresh flowers or any other costly decorative items rather I was helping the bubbling students who were interested in upgrading their knowledge with the course ‘Walk the Dragon’ by Om Swamiji so that they could ‘learn and earn’. In future, when they would be financially sound, they could pay this course forward to other needy ones. In this way, we all could take baby steps to make this world a better and a more beautiful place to live. This is my way of welcoming Ma Lakshmi.

One can also opt to eradicate one of the negative emotions like hatred, jealousy, anger, greed, lust etc. or one can develop a good virtue like compassion, love, kindness, forgiveness etc. Swami Tejomayananda said, “The most beautiful thing to do on Diwali is to forgive everyone around us. Once we forgive, the intellect becomes subtle, pure and mature. We will be filled with love and happiness.”

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Pic : Golden Palace in Sadhana App 

Saturday, January 28, 2023

Say Goodbye to Your Financial Crunch

“I am helpless, what should I do?”

A young guy who was going through financial crunch, bad health issues and onus of family responsibility asked me a couple of months back.

I suggested, “Do chanting of Mahalakshmi Tantric Mantra ‘Om Shreeng Mahalakshmayai Namah’ in Golden Palace in Sadhana App. When you become comfortable with the chanting also try Sadhana of Mahalakshmi in Sadhana App.”

The mantra contains the universal sound ‘Om’ which is the most powerful sound and can invoke pure vibrations. Swami Vishnudevananda in the book ‘Mediation and Mantras’ explained that ‘Shreeng’ is the Mantra of Maha Lakshmi. ‘Sha’ is Maha Lakshmi, ‘Ra’ means wealth, ‘Ee’ is satisfaction or contentment. Nada is the manifested Brahman, and ‘Bindu’ is the dispeller of sorrow.” Mahalakshmi is the consort of Lord Vishnu and is a bountiful provider. According to V.R. Gowri Shankar, Administrator Sri Sringeri Math, “Sri Mahalakshmi is the bestower of benefits. She is the giver of prosperity, splendor and glory. She represents the emergence of divine qualities in the sadhaka, subduing rugged tendencies. Purity of mind is another form of wealth, also achieved through praying to Lakshmi.” Mahalakshmi not only grants materialistic wealth to devotees but also blesses them with liberation from these repeated cycles of birth and death. ‘Namah’ means that I bow down to the Goddess Lakshmi. According to T. S. Narayana Swamy, “Goddess Lakshmi is manifested in eight forms as a mother of eight different aspects of prosperity. Adi Lakshmi brings happiness to mankind. Dhanya Lakshmi is the goddess of nourishment. Dhana Lakshmi grants wealth. Santana Lakshmi blesses with the children of high intelligence and good character. Gaja Lakshmi is the protector of humanity and promoter of peace and prosperity. Vidya Lakshmi grants value-oriented education to those who worship her. Vijaya Lakshmi bestows one with the victory over anger, lust, greed, jealousy, hatred and evil thoughts. Dhairya Lakshmi blesses with infinite courage, confidence and strength to fight against evil.”

Worshipping MahaLakshmi in Sadhana App by chanting, performing yajna and doing sadhana, the young guy’s problems were solved miraculously. Moreover, he had sufficient funds to take good care of his responsibilities.

The chanting of this mantra must be followed by yajna of Ma Lakshmi. Brief Yajna (4 minutes) which include fire offerings on Tantric Mantra and Gayatri of Mahalakshmi. One can also do Medium Yajna (10 minutes) which contains the offerings on the various names of Ma Lakshmi, Tantric Mantra and Mahalakshmi Gayatri Mantra. One should try to do Elaborate Yajna (15 minutes) to spend more time with the deity in which offerings are made on hundred names of Ma Lakshmi.

The auspicious time to carry out this is mentioned in the right-hand side bar under the heading 'Auspicious Date'. You can make the maximum use of this super auspicious time by choosing chanting and yajna according to your capacity and availability of time. You can also do Lord Ram yajna during this span of time before or after it.

Some points that one should keep in mind while worshipping Ma Lakshmi are as follows: -

1.      Do not touch the screen with your index finger while doing Mahalakshmi pooja in Sadhana App. Index finger brings poverty, ill health and bad luck. Try to touch the screen with the ring finger. You can also use other fingers and thumb as well.

2.      Divide the house in nine equal parts and as shown in figure. Worship Goddess Mahalakshmi while sitting in the North, North-East or East corner of the house. While worshipping Goddess one should face towards North, North-East or East.

Follow all these points sincerely and call Ma with immense devotion. You will be blessed with wealth and prosperity.

‘Khul ja sim sim’ (Open sim sim) as the magnificent doors in the Sadhana App open then one can have the darshan of the amazingly beautiful Mother Divine. The mother is holding golden lotus flowers in Her two hands, in one hand She is holding a pot filled with nectar and with the other hand She is blessing her devotees with name, fame, knowledge, victory, good children, valor, gold, delicious food, happiness, bliss, wisdom, beauty, religious thoughts, good health and liberation. The deity in the App is made up of Gold, showering golden blessings on Her devotees in the form of gold coins and golden knowledge. One is blessed to have Ma’s divine darshan on the screen!

Does the owl wink at you like me? ;)

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Pic : ‘Khul ja sim sim’ in Sadhana App

Yajna of Lord Ram in Sadhana App

I started crying uncontrollably.

As soon as I heard ‘Om Shri Ramaye Swaha’ in Om Swamiji’s magical voice while performing Elaborate Yajna (16 minutes) of Lord Ram in Sadhana App, I began to cry loudly. The tears of devotion flowed down, wetting my soft cheeks. Swami Tejomayanada said, “The world will make you cry so it is better that you cry for God.” ‘Om Shri Ramaye Namahe’ is the first mantra of Lord Ram’s hundred names. It means that I bow down to Lord Ram who is the giver of happiness.

Yajna is a ritual of self-dedication by which one can unite with the Supreme Power by cultivating cosmic love. It facilitates kindness and compassion by connecting all human beings together just like all the different colors of beads in a mala. It helps in eradicating the feeling of separateness which one experience due to false ego. According to Swami Krishnananda, “It is a sacrifice of all those factors which tend to tether the soul to the bodily tabernacle into the fire of knowledge of the Absolute.”

Thousands of yajna I have performed solely as well as with my family members. Therefore, I was quite familiar with the opening mantras of the yajna. Although, a few mantras were new to me which I was hearing for the first time, I thoroughly enjoyed offering ingredients with the Sanskrit arduous mantras. The material used to do fire offerings were ghee, firewood, havan samagri, paddy, guggal, sugar, camphor, dry fruits, cloves, rice, red sandalwood, white sandalwood, black sesame seeds, white sesame seeds, fox nuts, satavari, cardamom, dry coconut and rice pudding. I was well known with all the items except satavari. I had never seen or heard about it. I asked Google Baba and I came to know that it is a deep-rooted medicinal plant grown in the Himalayas. Its roots are used in fire offerings.

While performing this yajna I became familiar with the Gayatri of Lord Ram – Om Dasarathaye Vidmahe Sitavallabhaya Dheemahi, Tanno Ramah Prachodayat. It connected me with my Lord Ram as if we are not two but one. Purnahuti was made with dry coconut which was followed by melodious Stuti ‘Shri Ramchandra Kripalu Bhaju Mana’ a soul uplifting bhajan written by Tulsidas.

In the book, ‘Am I a Hindu?’ Ed Viswanathan said, “Yajna is usually done for material human welfare. Of course, by performing yajnas, a devotee is indirectly brought closer to God, for he fully understands the power of God in his day-to-day affairs. Physical health, mental discipline, expansion and purification of the heart are only some of the benefits. Whatever desire a person has while doing the havan, that desire is fulfilled.” The auspicious time to do yajna of Lord Ram to fulfil one’s desire is mentioned on the right-side bar under the heading 'Auspicious Date'. 

Swami Sivananda said, “Life is a yajna, a holy sacrifice, and the world, which is the field of righteous action, is the altar at which the individual offers himself to God.”

So, make hay while the sun shines!

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Pic : An Elaborate Yajna of Lord Ram in Sadhana App

Friday, January 27, 2023

Do You Want to Practice Tantra?

Everything got blurred in front of my eyes!

On ‘Shravan ke somvar’ (Monday of Shravan month of lunar calendar) I was performing Rudram Abhishekam in Shiva Temple (Kailasha) in Sadhana App. The snow scattered on colossal mountains, the chilly winds stirring divine emotions, beautiful Shivlingam with a copper pot hanging with a thin wire above it, ambience inside the temple, elaborate process, pure ingredients, cleanliness, immense peace and a sense of calmness emanated eternal love. The strong winds blowing through the white mountains extracted all the old painful memories and gloomy experiences. Thus, created vacuum was refilled with divine nectar of bliss. My eyes became misty - Tears of devotion for Lord Shiva.

Earlier I was killing time. A sudden thought that today being ‘Shravan ka somvar’, I should perform abhishekam of Lord Shiva. I clicked on the abhishekam option in Lord Shiva Temple (Kailasha) in Sadhana App. First, I worshiped through Shivashtakama (4 minutes) with ingredients water, milk, yogurt, red garland, dhoop, handheld bell and handheld lamp. It was a normal process in which I just enjoyed clicking buttons like a kindergarten kid. Then I tried Vedsara Strotra (13 minutes) in which ingredients used in worship were water, Gangajal, milk, honey, yogurt, ash, fragrant water, fragrant oil, white cloth, blue garland, bilva fruit, incense, dhoop, ghee lamp, betel nuts, paan, small pot, gemstones, dry fruits, flowers, saffron, handheld bell and handheld lamp. It felt like a routine ritual without invoking any divine sentiments for the deity. Soon after I clicked on Rudram (23 minutes) in which Lord Shiva was offered ingredients like water, Gangajal, milk, honey, yogurt, sugar, ash, turmeric, fragrant water, fragrant oil, white sandalwood, red sandalwood, small pot, white cloth, white garland, sacred thread, betel nuts, paan, flowers, datura flower, saffron, bilva leaves, bilva fruit, rice pudding (kheer), sweetmeats (ladoos), cloves,  black sesame seeds, kusha grass, green grass, bananas, dry fruits, blue garland, incense, camphor, dhoop, ghee lamp, handheld bell and handheld lamp. The lengthy and elaborate process invoked feelings for the deity, and I felt a surge of divine emotions.

The best part of doing abhishekam in Sadhana App is that there is no dirt and slipperiness on the floor because of falling water drops and other liquids here and there. In a spick and span area, one can easily focus on Shivalingam and meditate. The clean and serene home environment free from the troubling noises, self-availability of time, no long-standing queues, saving of one's money and time by virtual procurement of various items. The best part is that all things are available and step by step guidance in a computerized sequence. All this makes a delightful experience. Only one need is a heart full of love for Him!

While practicing this Abhishekam, I worshipped a human being as Lord Shiva. It is a tantric practice. On becoming comfortable with this concept, I considered all human beings as divine. This is the mool mantra of all the left-handed tantric practices.

It is highly recommended for those who wish to walk the path of tantra. 13th Feb, 2023 before sunrise is the more auspicious time than ‘Shravan ke Somvar’. The fruits of the abhishekam will get tripled. It is a super auspicious time. Do not miss to do abhishekam in Sadhana App.

For Triple benefit give triple donation. ;)

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Pic : Shivlingam in Shiva Temple (Kailasha) in Sadhana App.

Wednesday, January 25, 2023

Tantric Mantra of Ma Brahmacharini in Sadhana App

I sensed an acute pain in my lower abdominal muscles.

In the early hours of the second Navratra, while doing chants of Tantric Mantra of Ma Brahmacharini in NavDurga Sadhana in Sadhana App, I felt an involuntary upward movement of my lower abdominal muscles. It was not the first time I was experiencing this. In deep meditation, I had the same feelings earlier also. But this time with more frequency and repetition, holding time was long. Because of continuous contractions of muscles during the chanting, towards the end of the Sadhana my body demanded rest to ease the pain.

Who is a siddha?

The lower abdominal muscles are the most difficult to control and a yogi who has full control over those muscles is a siddha. This can be done by two ways – voluntary control by doing hatha yoga practices and involuntary control by slipping into deep meditation. For voluntary control a beginner is advised to do naukaasana (boat pose) and shirshasana (head pose). When one becomes adept in doing these asanas then exercises along with the breath control are suggested while holding the pose. On mastering these exercises, advance practices are advised. When one has full control on those muscles then one has to take a final exam in the form of Lata Sadhana or Sahjoli Mudra. Anybody who wants to know more can opt for ‘Hatha Yoga Pradipika’ or any other book on advanced yogic practices.

Those who find it difficult to do it this way, can take the other route in which one has to focus on developing divine virtues like love, kindness and compassion. The biggest obstacle in this practice is that one cannot get angry or feel jealous or have any other negative emotion. One single negative feeling and the whole sandcastle crumble down in seconds. Only patience, disciple and persistence with positive approach can reward success.

I am a simple person like all human beings with mixed emotions -positive and negative. Over the years I cultivated sentiments of goodness like truthfulness and kindness. Even after repeated failures, I keep on trying to shed my negative emotions of anger, hatred and jealousy. And with constant practice and consistency I sometimes slipped into deep meditation to experience this unique upward thrust which will one day make me a siddha. Then fragrance will be emanated not only from my body but also from my sweet words!

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Pic : Ma Brahmacharini in Sadhana App

Tuesday, January 24, 2023

Want to Be Initiated by Om Swamiji?

Want to be initiated by Om Swamiji?

If you have an intense desire to be initiated by Swamiji then I will suggest downloading Sadhana App and start chanting and praying in the Sun Temple (Amravati). Such a difficult problem has an easy-peasy solution!

A couple of months back, a young guy asked me, “I wish to be successful in materialistic as well as in the spiritual world. What should I do?” I suggested that he chant Siddha Surya Mantra in Surya Temple (Amravati) in Sadhana App. I further suggested to him to do the Sadhana of the same mantra in Sadhana App. He did as per my advice.

Two miracles happened within a week or so in his life.

One, he got the job although he was still studying. His materialistic want was achieved.

Second, he had a keen desire for Swamiji to say something about him. To which I amusingly replied He had not said anything about me till date. Even then he kept his burning desire alive. The young guy chanted the mantra and prayed fervently. And one auspicious day, the young man received a reply to his mail from Om Swamiji. His spiritual desire was fulfilled.

For all those who wish to be successful in materialistic and spiritual path, I will suggest you start chanting Siddha Surya Mantra in Sadhana App without delay. The mantra is ‘Om hreeng ashva- tejasya adhovani svahaa’ which means that ‘ashva-tejasya’ which is one of the names of Lord Sun please bless us that we never utter ‘adhovani’, hurting words to others. This prayer helps in connecting our sacred bond with the lineage and comes with the special blessings from the lineage. Moreover, anybody (initiates and non-initiates) can experience the power of this mantra.

If you are further interested, then to begin Surya Sadhana in Sadhana App the auspicious time is 20th June, 2023 after sunrise. Put your heart and soul in this Sadhana and pray to the lineage to accept you as their baby. When we do any Sadhana we experience hindrances, in this case the hindrances can be low battery of your mobile, bugs in the App, not focusing properly, not able to maintain dietary restrictions etc.; just ignore all the obstacles and keep doing the Sadhana consistently without failing for a day. You can experience the power of this mantra in your comfy home irrespective of the fact whether you have physically met Swamiji before or not. I am pretty much sure if you do this Sadhana whole heartedly then you will be initiated by Swamiji. Do this Sadhana with full faith, not only to be blessed with initiation but also with many other unimaginable miracles in your life. Do not forget to give dakshina daily or on the last day of your Sadhana as per your means in Sadhana App.

If you do not have a proper internet connectivity in your area, then do not worry you can do Surya Sadhana as mentioned here is in Kartik mas 2023 before sunrise.

I always wait for the auspicious time to begin my Sadhanas and you can read my experiences here, here and here. I am doing this sadhana consistently every year and I am initiated to fifth level by Om Swamiji you can read more about it here.

If you have any query, then please do not hesitate to write to me at CHANDRIKASHUBHAMATGMAILDOTCOM.

Monday, January 23, 2023

Guru as Sole Refuge

“Without my Guru’s wish not a single leaf can move in my life.” I told my mentor.

“How is that possible?” He asked out of curiosity.

“He connected me with the bond of mantras. The more I chanted the stronger the bond with Him. At my stage of spiritual evolution, the Guru has full control over the disciple's life irrespective of whether the disciple lives near Him or at far off place. What matters is the nearness of the heart.” I took a deep breath and continued, “He is 'The Rainmaker’ as He can create rain. He can stop the fire in the woods with His shakti. If someone is fatally ill, then He can cure that person and save him from the clutches of the Lord Yama – The God of Death. He is very powerful.”


“The relationship with the master is entirely on a different plane – spiritual plane. As I am talking to you if He wishes He can trace this conversation and can keep a track of my thoughts. Therefore, I have to think positive all the time. He is the transmitter of good ideas, commands and positive thoughts whereas I am a receiver who has to be ego-free for a good receptor by shedding all negative thoughts and emotions. Most importantly if my mind is empty it will act as a good receiver, but you know my mind is full of Tollywood and Bollywood drama. I quoted Swami Venkatesananda that the communication can take place between the two only when the disciple and the master have become like one, where they are on the same level and on the same wavelength.”

Whenever I am tense because of some business problem and unseen future troubles me, I tell myself that nothing can happen in my life without His wish. So, whatever will happen whether I like it or not it will happen with His wish only. Swami Sivananda said, “By Guru’s grace, the disciple can overcome obstacles and doubts on the path. There must be a perfect unity between the Guru and disciple and then the disciple will be immediately benefitted.”

Whether I am crying or laughing, happy or sad, successful or failed- all this happens with His Grace! Because He is my sole refuge and has full control over my life. He guides me through His strong spiritual thought-currents. Many times, I have felt that.

Now, once again when my life is falling apart, I comfort myself that it is only His wish as nothing can happen in my life without His wish. In this way if He wants me to be spiritually evolved, I must happily accept that. I have to excitedly drink whether He offered me juice of life or poison of life. Swami Satyasangananada Saraswati said, “Guru’s grace can manifest in many ways – it may be pleasant and sweet, or severe and unpleasant. Most disciples believe that when the guru speaks with kind and soft words, he is bestowing a blessing and the more pleasant and charming he is, the more grace is being bestowed. But this need not to be true. Guru’s grace can be very unpleasant at times. The guru chops, saws, and cuts the disciple’s ego with a clear vision of what he is trying to achieve and shows no mercy until he has finished the product. As the carpenter transforms the wood into an object of utility, purpose and beauty, the guru transforms the disciple into a liberated being, to be the guiding light of many.”

P.S. 1. Ma (my mother) shared this couplet with me from the book ‘भजन-सुधा’ from page no.44 from the bhajan ‘गुरू वंदना’ -

तत्त्व ज्ञान गुरु ने बतलाया, 

अंधकार सब दूर भगाया,

ह्रदय में भक्ति दीप जला कर, 

हरि दर्शन का मार्ग बतलाया।

Sunday, January 22, 2023

Navarna Mantra Sadhana in Sadhana App

“I want to abandon Navarna Mantra Sadhana in Sadhana App.”

I felt this, after doing the first day Sadhana because nyasa had too many bugs, the voice was not synchronized with the clippings moreover, one of the nyasa was missing from the verbal diction. The voice modulation was not smooth, one line was in high pitch and the next line in low pitch making it very difficult for me to concentrate on the prayers of offerings to the deity. The image of deity was too complicated, I found it hard to focus on that idol. It was not as simple as the image of Lord Ram in Ram Temple (Chitrakoot) or Lord Ganpati in Ganesha Temple (Gajkarne). I was in a dilemma to complete or not to complete this Sadhana.

Next day, I contemplated that whatever problems or difficulties might come in the path of Sadhana I must try my best to complete this Sadhana as the Sadhana of Navarna Mantra becomes very powerful when done in Navratri. To overcome the hurdles on the path of Sadhana, I decided to touch one or the other part of my body while doing nyasa. Even if it was correctly voiced, I could rarely perform it accurately as the act of placing a mantra on different parts of the body was always a complicated procedure for me. To beat the voice modulation problem, I chose to focus on the words and their meanings rather than on its pitch. Further I made up my mind to concentrate on the image of Ma Tripursundari as mentioned by Swamiji instead of that complicated black color idol with gold embellishments.

After deciding to proceed further I started the Day 2 Sadhana in Sadhana App. While chanting Navarna Mantra I realized that my left hand felt a surge of energy. It was moving. My left palm involuntarily twisted and twitched. After a couple of minutes my whole arm from fingertips to shoulder became heavy and numb. To my utmost surprise my right arm was normal, there was no extra flow of energy in it. Why this difference? I recalled that Swamiji had told many times that feminine energy lived on His left side.

Navarna Mantra Sadhana is a very powerful Sadhana in Sadhana App and it is highly recommended for those who are interested in progressing on the path of tantra. Ignore the bugs and experience the flow of feminine energy on the left side of your body with this amazing Sadhana in Om Swamiji’s dynamic voice which alone is capable of removing all flaws.

Pic : Ma Durga Temple (Kadamb Van) in Sadhana App.

Now, My Life Belongs to Others.

“Do you know what a gas chamber is?”

Before sharing the story that I heard from Sadhguru, I asked my genius brother as I only had a vague idea about it. I knew that a gas chamber could kill living beings but exactly how it worked, I was clueless.

He replied, “During the World War, the Nazis captured numerous European Jews. To kill them became a big question therefore their scientists suggested to build the gas chambers. In them, they released certain gases like carbon monoxide which resulted in mass murder of the victims of the Holocaust in that air-tight apparatus.”

Bhai is a mobile Encyclopedia!

“Only a certain number of people could be killed in a gas chamber. Every day the rulers summoned the prisoners to be gassed. On such one day, like a routine, a young prisoner was called out. This macabre ritual made him damn scared. He was horrified and terrified on seeing his death so close. One Rabbi noticed his suffering, felt the intense pain he was going through and offered him to exchange their shirts.  Rabbi soothed him and asked him to stay back. Instead of the young victim, Rabbi went into the gas chamber wearing the shirt bearing the young man's number. In a quote Swami Sivananda says that conquest of the fear of death, conquest of death, is the highest utility of all spiritual Sadhana. The one aim of all Yoga Sadhana is to meet death fearlessly and joyfully. Rabbi happily and peacefully went inside the gas chamber to save the life of the young man who was later released. Throughout his life the young man had a vivid remembrance of that generous Rabbi for liberating him from that gruesome experience and saving his life.”

These days, I feel that I am in the gas chamber. I have no desire to live for myself. With my penance I am giving away my life’s healthy years to a dying person because now, my life belongs to others. Albert Einstein said, “Only a life lived for others is a life worthwhile.”

Pic : Pexels

Friday, January 20, 2023

Vision of Lord Ganesha and His blessings


Problems! Problems! Problems!

“Oh Lord Ganesha! I have problems in my personal life. I have problems in my professional life. I have problems related to my health. Only my spiritual journey was smooth sailing, now there are problems in that too. Please help me in removing obstacles from my spiritual path.” Using Sadhana App, I ardently prayed to the God who has a curved trunk.

Earlier I was disappointed as I could not start any more sadhana in Sadhana App as I was already doing Ram Tantra Sadhana in Sadhana App and only one sadhana can be done in it at one time. I wanted to worship Lord Ganesha starting from Ganesha Chaturthi but the traditional method of doing sadhana as mentioned in ‘The Ancient Science of Mantras’ required a lot of Gayatri Mantra japa one day before the commencing of sadhana. I could not practice it because of some business-related work which required my urgent attention. I desperately wanted to do Ganesha Sadhana to remove hindrances coming unexpectedly on my spiritual journey. Thinking about Lord Ganesha and His wise tricks to achieve the goal, a naughty idea hit my mind.

I downloaded Sadhana App on my old mobile and hurriedly logged in using my name as ‘Chhole Bhature Ma’. I clicked the options of doing Ganesha Sadhana. As the chant started, I was surprised it was the sadhana of the same mantra that I wanted to do. Although the Ganesha Mantra ‘Om Vakratundaya Hum’ was not in the ‘Japa option’ in Sadhana App. In this mantra ‘Om’ is the universal sound, ‘Vakratundaya’ is the one who has a curved trunk and ‘Hum’ is the beej mantra of Lord Shiva who dispels all sorrows.

Almost daily I cried horribly and asked Lord Ganesha to come and help me in sorting out my problems. Sometimes I sobbed, sometimes I cried, sometimes I wept loudly and many times I would cry out my heart. Most of the time, my fervent prayers were heard, and I felt that Lord Ganesha had put His trunk on my head. The more I cried the more I experienced the presence of ‘Vakratundaya’, the one with a curved trunk near me, caressing me with His trunk and comforting me in all possible ways.

One day before the last day of my sadhana, I had a faint vision of Lord Ganesha in my meditation in which I saw His eyes, His Eyebrows and His curved trunk. For the first time in my life, I experienced the manifestation of a masculine energy with my closed eyes. I was not doing sadhana in any remote place like the bank of a river, near the ocean, in a cremation ground, in a cave or in a dense forest rather I was doing sadhana in my comfy home. I did not opt for an elaborate and complicated sadhana. I just did the sadhana for 28 days with the chant of only 11 minutes in the Sadhana App. Frankly speaking, even now I could not do the correct nyasa, sometimes I placed the mantra on the wrong body part thinking that at least I placed it on one or the other body part. It is not only surprising for you but also for me. But anything is possible with the Guru’s Grace. It is possible only because of Om Swamiji’s blessings and the lineage blessings.

P.S. 1. If you wish to know which sadhana is good for you in the Sadhana App then please write to me at CHANDRIKASHUBHAMATGMAILDOTCOM. 

Pic : Ganpati Tantra Sadhana in Sadhana App

Thursday, January 19, 2023

Life Hit Me Hard, But I Decided to Embrace it.

My best friend stabbed me just for a temporary job.

“I am selected as a Research Fellow in ‘XYZ’ project.” She excitedly broke the news to me over the phone.

“When was the interview?” A surprised me asked.

“Today morning at ten.”

“Why didn’t you inform me?” I was reflecting on a quote, “It is better to have an enemy who slaps you in the face than a friend who stabs you in the back.”

“I thought that you knew about it.”

I knew that she intentionally did not share it with me. If I were present in the interview she would not have been selected as there were only two posts. With 88% marks in my B.Sc. and M.Sc., I was a scholarship holder throughout my study period in the college, with a decent number of published research papers and popular articles in my name. I was on the top of the merit list. There was one more person who had less percentage than me but higher than my friend. My best friend stabbed me just for a short-term job. My dream of becoming a dress designer was shattered on that day. Dane Thomas said, “Those who have walked the path filled with broken promises and shattered dreams are the ones who arise with the strongest wings.”

Earlier this interview had been cancelled many times due to one or the other reason before it happened on that day. I could not go to the college to check the notice board during last week so missed the interview date. I was shocked that even the project holder professor with whom I was writing papers did not inform me. Next day, I met her, and asked about it.

“I thought you must be knowing about it.” She replied in a nonchalant tone.

“You could have called when you found that I was not present among the candidates.”

But her big ego did not allow as she was entrapped in the false pride of a glorious and unique project in her name. Little did she know that, the opposition lobby had plans to sabotage the project using my friend as a pawn. This project was about the computerization of innovative dress designs in which the knowledge of a particular software was required. Still, I requested her to let me in to at least learn that software to which she bluntly refused. I had an inkling that she would repent.

After working for nearly one year my friend left that project in between. The other person in the project refused to work for extra time. I wanted to help her but I could not as I had no knowledge of that particular software. Her reputation was at stake. She worked like a laborer to complete that project. Nearing deadline, she had to work for 18 hours a day to save it from failing. In the meantime, her elder son was murdered in a road rage. She slipped into depression as she was emotionally attached to that son.

On that fateful interview day, I lost the job, I lost my best friend, and I lost my favorite lecturer – all in one go. Though career prospects seemed to vanish, even then I did not shed a tear. Later reflecting on life, I developed a feeling of acceptance of failures because it is just a way of nature to protect me from the unseen mishaps. Abuthaher said, “Acceptance of failure is the first success.” After some years, I joined the business empire of my father breaking the prevalent orthodox trend of girls not doing that business. 

‘मन का हो तो अच्छा, ना हो तो और भी अच्छा' - हरिवंश राय बच्चन

“If something happens according to your wish, it’s good. But if it doesn’t, that’s even better. If it is not happening according to your wish, then it is happening according to some divine force. That divine force will never think ill about you.”- Harivansh Rai Bachchan

Life surprises us all!

Pic : Me in Fashion Designing lab. 

Wednesday, January 18, 2023

My Emotional Turbulance

‘Massive fire breaks out in ‘X’ factory’.

While flipping the pages of the local newspaper I was shocked to see this news. Last night a fire broke out in the boiler section after a powerful explosion and about 75% of the factory was burnt to ashes. A couple of months back, I visited that factory for Vastushastra Consultancy. I studied everything minutely and told the owner that the plot in the South- West direction of his factory was down by 6 feet which was resulting in his severe financial losses. He asked me for a remedy. I suggested that he could plant trees and creepers and could place some heavy items like stone or metal in that direction. I clearly told him that these remedies would only be effective to some extent as this defect could not be cured till the adjacent plot owner filled his plot with sand which was not possible according to him.

Whether I visited that factory once or twice I could not recall now as it happened near about one and a half decade ago. Due to security reasons, a known needy person accompanied me whenever I visited sites for Vastushastra Consultancy. As this place was far off, I went by car.

The owner was not satisfied with my truthful answers, hence slashed my payment to a considerable amount. I requested him to make my full payment as I had to pay to other persons also. But he was adamant. On that day, just for a few bucks, my mood was spoiled. I told him everything correctly to the best of my knowledge even then he did not pay me the pre decided amount. With a heavy heart I returned home.

Whenever I found myself emotionally disturbed in any deal, soon after that I came to know that the concerned person was trapped in a financial crunch. Whether it is my emotions that cause disturbance in other’ lives or it is nature's way to tell me the unfortunate future of other’s. I try hard to control such emotions, but I do not know how to put a check on them. Now, as a saint, I made several attempts to sort out the things, but I find that the situation worsens.

While doing Avagunthan mudra, I always pray to the lineage in my heart to help me to overcome my negative emotions so that I may not harm anybody. But it is easier to say than to do. Emotions are like ocean waves, they hit, splurge and drench me anytime anywhere. Is it true for one and all? I wonder sometimes.

Pic : Pixabay

Immense Silence in the Cremation Ground

We buried Om!

I liked Om Swamiji's name so much that when I got the chance to name somebody, I named the tender being as ‘Om’. How delighted I was when I picked up this name. I always remembered him while saying the name. His memoirs, his teachings, his knowledge, his values, his principals, his command over so many subjects inspired me to namesake someone along with those good virtues and qualities. Whether all the time I was chanting his name or visualizing the one with the name ‘Om’, it hardly mattered to me. Nevertheless, I was on cloud nine!

“Papa, I will come along with you to the cremation ground.” I insisted as he was sick from a prolonged illness, and I used to accompany him in all the business dealings and other events.

“Females do not go to cremation grounds.” He softly said.

“I am taking care of your business which is a male dominated one. Please allow me.”

When we both were adamant on our points and could not convince each other, I suggested a middle path, “I will accompany you only up to the main gate of the premises.”

“Agreed.” He said, now more softly.

Unaware of the peace pact between me and my father, our driver parked the car inside the premises as there was no parking space outside. As soon as my father got out of the car, he looked towards me and ordered, “Stay here.” I nodded. This was my first visit to a cremation ground. To my surprise there was nobody except the security guard. There were trees planted in a line, shrubs growing in a cluster and some seasonal plants here and there in the beds. Overall, the greenery was breathtaking. The place was so serene and calm, that one yearned to meditate. Some birds were there, not chirping rather mingling with the quietness of the surroundings. Peacocks were standing under the shade or sitting on the green grass without any fear. They too were on silent mode. Not even a single leaf was moving to make any kind of sound or to create any rustle in the peaceful environment. All living beings were still and silent. I had never experienced such a deep silence.  An engulfing silence!

On that day, I was devoid of any emotion of sadness, grief or pain. If there was a little bit emotion somewhere left in me, it was to take care of my father so that he didn't break down. I saw my father coming back after performing the rituals. I looked towards his face. His face was calm. There was no grief, no disturbance, no sorrow, no agitation rather an immense peace. As if he was taking along some peace strings from the serenity of the environment with him and leaving behind the sadness of the sorrowful past. In my heart, I knew that he was going through one of the toughest phases of his life but not a single tear came out of his eyes. Silently, I admired how strong he was!

While returning home, I was chanting 'Om' without visualizing 'buried Om'. After all we all are mortal beings! 

Pic : Pexels

Monday, January 16, 2023

An Open Confession

“Oh my God! This beggar recites abuses like if he is chanting a mantra.” I thought when I saw a shabby beggar hurling abuses without taking a pause in between. He was so clumsy that it seemed that last time he must have bathed in his past life. When I was in my mid-twenties, daily I used to visit Hanuman Temple in Sanatan Dharam Mandir, Hisar. Whenever his time and my time to visit the temple clashed, it only disturbed me as his mind was as dirty as his clothes. I tried my best to distance myself from him. Whenever I saw him in the temple, I stayed away from him and sometimes I waited for him to finish his special prayers. Although I wanted to put my hands on my ears to shut those filthy words, but I could not do out of care that I might be hurting him even more as I did not know from which brutal situations he was passing through or had passed through which resulted in his severe bitterness for every human being and even for God.

Almost 400 years back, this temple was constructed. Hanumanji was engraved on a stone. From then, every day the priest did the shringar (decoration) of Hanumanji with sindoor, chameli ka tel, silver foil, eye-catching dresses, vibrant angvastram, adorable garlands of artificial flowers of various sizes and stunning silver mukut  and other jewelry. It was the only deity towards which I felt a strong attraction. The more I looked at it, the more I wanted to admire it. I just wanted to appreciate Him without blinking my eyes. Forgetting about the outside world, I used to continuously watch Him, to get fully absorbed in the nectar of His Divine Love. He was irresistible. I loved to see Him, I loved to pray to Him, I loved to sing the glories of Him, and I loved to bring gifts for Him. For a couple of years, almost daily I used to visit that temple. Later, when my life became busy, I visited it as soon as I found the time. Even now, whenever I visit Hisar I never miss the chance to have a glance of my loving deity. My profession changed, my lifestyle changed, my spiritual experiences changed, my city changed, my color of hair changed but my prayers remain the same to Hanumanji. What I prayed to Him in my twenties I still pray the same.

Recently contemplating on my life, I realized that I never tried to help that beggar in any way neither with my soothing words nor by helping him materialistically. Instead, I distanced myself from him. I never tried to understand the reasons or the situations behind his utmost frustrations, that lead to him from saying those dirty words instead of God’s name even in a peaceful and serene place like a temple. What I did with him, Hanumanji did the same to me. Hanumanji distanced Himself from me. How much I worshipped Him, how much I cried for Him to come, how much I asked Him to help me, how many times I chanted Hanuman Chalisa but all my prayers went unheard.

I made a mistake, which I could never correct. Paul Bear Bryant said, “When you make a mistake, there are three things you should ever do about it; admit it, learn from it and don’t repeat it.”

Pic : Hanuman Temple, Sanatan Dharam Mandir, Hisar 

Love in Action - Sharing of My Favorite Piece of Jewelry

Will I be able to happily part with my favorite piece of jewelry?

I opened my fist in which I was holding a beautiful necklace made up of gold studded with various gems. How many times has my mother visited the jeweler to blend it perfectly with my taste? The jeweler had innovatively shaped and soldered the golden metal and very delicately studded the tiny pieces of gems and stones in it to give it a unique design. That novel piece of art was always close to my heart. Now, as a saintly heart I decided to part it with, to make someone else's life beautiful. I gave a last close look to it. I closed my eyes to pray. I closed my fist and bent towards the driver’s seat window and handed that to the woman standing near to the car. She was happy to receive this unexpected gift. She expressed her gratitude in a very decent way. Her etiquette surprised me.

A wife of a car driver with such decent manners! I could not resist myself and asked the driver when the car started moving again on the zigzag roads. He told me, “I am only eighth pass. I could not study further because my father died when I was in school, soon after I have to start earning, but my wife is a postgraduate in science and is presently teaching in a reputed school. And we both opted for love marriage to which our families happily agreed. I have two beautiful kids. We are a happy family but in Corona time there were almost negligible tourists. I could not bear the maintenance cost of my two taxis therefore I had to sell my one car at a very low price. It was a quite big financial loss for us.”

Earlier as soon as I boarded the taxi, he told me that he forgot to bring the mask. I told him that I had an extra mask if you wish I could share it with him. He said, “My house is situated on the road, moreover my wife will come to handover the mask to me. I can buy a new one from the market, but I do not want to waste my money.” I then and there decided to bless them with wealth and happiness. Charity means love in action.

Harold S. Kushner said, “Do things for people not because of who they are or what they do in return, but because of who you are.”

Pic : Pixabay

Saturday, January 14, 2023

Rowdy Baby - A Viral Song

I was damn tense!

I twisted, turned and tried hard to sleep but could not because I was disturbed. One business related problem was causing anxiety to me. Whenever I am tense, I find myself addicted to mobile. I searched for my tension-soothing device. While surfing I came across a Tollywood actress ‘Sai Pallavi’ who rejected a two crore advertisement deal with a fairness cream calling her as ‘Indian Color’ and the doctor actress further added that Africans have their own color, and they are beautiful. She is not a trained dancer, but her dance moves are like a breeze, and she dances like a gazelle. I typed ‘Dances by Sai Pallavi’ and the search results showed ‘Rowdy Baby’. I loved this song, the beats, the moves, the set, the dresses and the shoes. I watched it 8-10 times which relaxed my mind and I could then easily slip into sleep.

Rowdy baby’ song from the movie ‘Maari-2’ is the most viewed Indian song on YouTube until now. It has about 140 crores views. Sai Pallavi and Dhanush are shaking their legs on Prabhu Deva’s dance steps. I do not know Tamil, but I still I know its lyrics. :) Some points I would like to share that I noticed while watching it repeatedly are as follows:-

1.      The person with black hat is holding a guitar but does not know how to play it.

2.      The same person imitates a difficult dance step by Sai Pallavi and falls off.

3.      Sai Pallavi is wearing blue bangles with her white suit, which match perfectly with the latkan hanging from the left side of her waist.

4.      The girl dancing on a dual color Lambretta of olive green and white paint is doing basic steps which she must have learnt in her nursery class. :) Moreover, she has a fear of falling off.

5.      The shoes, decorated as man and woman, are eye-catching.

6.      In the end, you would feel that it was a long shoe advertisement. :D

Till now, I have watched this shoe ad. more than 250 times. :)

The next day in the morning while meditating on Mother Divine I found my mind was relaxed and free from all sorts of worries. I could very easily focus on Her. She blessed me with her darshan. This time Her face was big, the eyes bigger and she was too close to my face as if She wanted to caress and bless me.

Pic : Pixabay

Friday, January 13, 2023

Ice Ice Baby!

Belch! I felt like vomiting.

Sitting on my asana, I bent forward a bit to vomit. Suddenly I had felt a severe sensation of vomiting but that stayed only up to my throat, and nothing came out of my mouth. After I had restricted my diet, I never felt like burping. I could not figure out the reason whether I ate more dry fruits or it was the sudden shoot up of environmental temperature in the hot humid summer. But I knew for sure that I was feeling like sitting amid fire flames. They were burning me from inside as well as from outside. The heat was intense and unbearable for me. It was causing me much discomfort and uneasiness.

I recalled that many years back, I read about a saint that had a burning sensation all over his body due to intense meditation. The burning sensation became intolerable for him. To experience the coolness, he jumped into a nearby pond, but the searing pain did not cease. As soon as I finished my chanting, I hurried for a shower bath. The cooling water refreshed me a little. I felt relieved and relaxed. I did not wipe my body so that coolness remained for a longer time.

Once again, I sat down to do my remaining prayers. There was a feeling of freshness outside but internally the burning sensations of fire flames were engulfing me. I found it unbearable to continue further but with great difficulty somehow, I completed the chanting. I recalled that Swamiji used to eat snow when He was doing intense meditation in the Himalayas. I rushed towards the refrigerator. I opened the freezer, took out the ice tray, twisted it's both ends in opposite directions and popped three ice cubes in my mouth. Slowly the ice started melting in my mouth. I could feel the coolness passing from mouth to gullet then to oesophagus. Cold-water drops calmed the intense heat waves. How many ice cubes in total I ate on that day I do not remember now but definitely the cool-cool formula worked for me.

Whenever any obstacle has hindered my spiritual journey, the wisdom of great saints has always guided me to overcome that. No worldly advice, only with the musings of great men I am treading my solitary path.

Pic : Pixabay

Thursday, January 12, 2023

Incorporating Hues

Wassily Kandinsky stated, “Colour is the power, which directly influences the soul.” Colour arouses a psychic vibration, which affects every part of the body, which as result can concomitantly influence one’s moods, emotions, thoughts and behaviour.

“Oh! Such an engulfing sadness on a cute face!” I noticed a small kid wearing a traditional dhoti and kurta, holding the finger of his grandfather with his tiny hand, as soon as I entered the lift. It seemed to me that even the festive mood had not elated him. I gave him a smile anticipating reciprocation.

Ah! I succeeded. A faint smile appeared on his face. A smile breeds a smile. I wished him and he replied with a somewhat bigger smile. His canvas of life was colourless at such a tender age. I was flabbergasted.

Later I came to know that his parents were separated, and he lived with his mother in his maternal grandfather’s house. To fill colours in his life, I bought a big colour set with different types of crayons, pencil colours, sketch pens and watercolours along with some colouring books. I also bought some sweets and namkins for him.

On Friendship Day, I visited him and requested him to be my friend. He smiled. Ah! What a lovely smile he had! He opened the packets and liked all gifts. Then onwards, whenever I met him, I used to gift him a book, a pencil, a piggy bank, a toy or something that would interest a six-year-old boy. He also enjoyed receiving gifts from me. He gifted me a handmade card on my birthday. We became good friends.

I was happy that I could incorporate hues in a young life. Swamiji has filled the colours of peace, bliss, happiness and love in my dull, boring and colourless life, I pay it forward by filling the colours of joy in the child’s life. It was a tiny gesture, but Swamiji says, “Every act counts!”

‘Color up others’ lives became the motto and an essential part of my life. I enlarged my canvas. Whenever I encountered a dull life, I tried to make it vibrant. I fed some, purchased books for some and useful gifted items to others. I presented Swamiji’s books to some and I monetary helped some others. It became a part of my routine.

Whenever I remembered him, I tried to find a suitable person whom I could bless with the colours of happiness and joy. As Maya Angelou said, “Try to be a rainbow in someone’s cloud.” These gestures of mine are tiny steps towards the magnanimous rainbow.

Danny Kaye stated, “Life is a big great canvas; throw all the paint you can at it.” Tippy Tippy Tap, what colour do you want? Which colour do you want your life to be filled with -passionate red, soothing pink, vivid green, glowing yellow, flaming byzantium, calming indigo, peaceful white, radiating ochre or blazing black? To feel the power of colours, add that colour to others’ life and see how colourful your life becomes.

Kindness is a vast colour that only your heart knows how to paint. — Raktivist 

Picture Credits: Pexels 

Wednesday, January 11, 2023

Everything is POSSIBLE with HIS Blessings!


Only He can be so kind. He only can be. He blessed me, as no Guru has ever anointed any disciple so generously.

I prayed to the lineage every day but one night, I prayed to them with fervor and repeatedly requested them to share the truth with me as I was tired of being confused. Three days back, I read about Baba Sri Chandra on the internet and prayed to Him. I started crying and felt His energy in the room. When I could not find the answer to my question on the internet, in books or I could not find anybody who could guide me then I decided to request the lineage to help me on this matter. Just before I was about to finish my prayers, a thought flashed in my mind ‘Google the term ‘XYZ’. This term I had heard only once from Swamiji during His discourse in one of the old Swaminars of the Black Lotus App. I had never come across that term anywhere in any book, on any internet page or in any video.

As soon as I finished my prayers, I Googled the term. It suggested many pages with various headings. I clicked a link to a video, as I knew that this source was authentic and watched the whole video. It did not contain the ‘XYZ’ term, but it told in detail about its synonym term. I returned to Google's main search page and clicked one more option with the heading showing ‘XYZ’ term. I read it. It explained everything in detail. I was shocked. I was overwhelmed. How could He be so kind! I had not served Him for a day. I had not worked for any of His charity work. I had not done anything significant in the construction of the ashram. I was not in any of His Teams. What to say more that because of my shy nature I had not touched His feet physically. And He warm heartedly showered the rare of the rarest blessings on me.

The Guru does not bless the disciple with this so easily. In general, Guru blesses only one disciple with this in his lifetime. I was lucky, nah I was extremely lucky to have such a generous Guru in my life.    

Pic : Pixabay 

Tuesday, January 10, 2023

Mango Magic

Beta, at least give him one mango!” My mother instructed me when I said ‘NO’ to the security guard of my tower who has come to collect the prasadam as it was finished by that time. I rushed towards the refrigerator and brought two mangoes for him. Along with them, I also gave him a spiritual book. In addition, I thanked my mother sincerely for her kind and timely advice.

In mango season, whenever I distribute prasadam, I always keep in mind to add mango in the menu. Whenever I donate food items, I always include safedalangrachausadashehari mango according to their availability. Every time I purchase mangoes for myself, I never forget to share it with a cobbler who does mending and repairing work outside the main gate of my society.  

I clearly remember that a few years back, in the scorching heat of summer during the solar eclipse I bought a huge basket of mangoes and distributed it among the security guards and housekeeping staff along with religious books. Most of them were interested in enjoying the pleasure of savoring mangoes but some also expressed their liking for the religious books.

In every summer season, mango distribution has become a routine in my ‘seva’ program.

One night, before slipping into sleep, I was doing my regular chant. All of a sudden, He appeared from nowhere and dropped the rarest of all the mangoes- a mango of immortality in my lap as if He had just plucked this ripe mango from a nearby tree. I was half-shocked and half-surprised. My throat choked and I could not even utter the words, ‘Thank You Jee’.

As the fragrance of the ripe mangoes have created sweetness in the lives of the receivers whom I donated these fruits to, this rare mango has filled my life with fragrance too. Who says mango is an ordinary fruit ‘aam’; rather it is an extraordinary fruit ‘khas’!

Dear readers, donate a basket full of mangoes, one kg of mangoes or just one mango to a person who cannot afford to buy it. You will realize that you have moved a step closer to Him. This is what I call Mango Magic!

Pic : Pixabay

Monday, January 9, 2023

List of My Favorite Romantic Novels and Prose.

My legs were paining severely. I could not get up from the bed. A dense cloud of fatigue has enveloped me. Why was I feeling so tired? I tried to recall my yesterday routine. What had I done that was causing me so much fatigue?

Exercising is the only time I have in my busy schedule to listen to audio books. The rest of the day is packed with Sadhanas, business work, work related phone calls and charity. After listening to the remaining ten minutes of ‘The Miracle of Mindfulness’ by Thich Nhat Hanh, I started a new audio book ‘Aavarana’ by S. L. Bhyrappa. It was one of the books recommended by Swamiji. I was walking while I was listening. I tempted one extra round so that I could listen to it furthermore. I was so engrossed listening this unique love story that I lost the count of my walking rounds. What a charm of a romantic novel! The books recommended by Swamiji are too boring, but they are gems of wisdom. Therefore, I tried my best to read them slowly and gradually. Even after reading just one page, I felt that I was done for the day. Nevertheless, this novel was just unputdownable. The narration was mesmerising and the narrator was telling the story in a very gripping way speaking clearly, appropriately emphasising the words by changing the tone and volume of her voice to match the emotion of the content. This romantic novel was a surprise for me! Earlier I was in the habit of reading romantic novels but from the past decade, I have been focusing more on the books related to yoga, spirituality, mythology, philosophy and business. All those years, I did not find the time to read about romance and my priorities in life changed. Or maybe it was an age factor! Now, I am an old fellow. 

After scorching heat when the first rains falls on the soil, the particular earthy sweet smell fills the whole environment. Similarly, after reading and listening to all those dull and uninteresting books for quite a long time, this love story was like a distinctive scent in the air, making me fresh and pleasant. The torrents began to fall from the clouds drenching me in love and romance! 

I am sharing the list of my favourite romantic novels and prose here.

1.      Ramayana by Maharishi Valmiki (It is an epic love story. It is the most ancient true love story between Lord Ram and Ma Sita. It was only the affection of Lord Ram for Her that He went through all those hardships- relentlessly searched Her in the forests, built a bridge of stones on the ocean and defeated the invincible Ravana, the king of Lanka. If He had married someone else this love story would not have happened. Therefore, it is a LOVE STORY more than a journey of virtue to annihilate vices. I have read its versions and adaptations like Adhyatma Ramayana, Ramcharitmanas by Tuilsidas, Ramayana by R. K. Narayana, Abhyudaya by Narendra Kohli, Ramayana: The Game of Life by Shubha Vilas, Ramayana by C. Rajgopalchari, The Book of Ram by Devdutt Pattanaik Valmiki’s Ramayana – Amar Chitra Katha and many more)

2.      Saheb Bibi aur Golam by Bimal Mitra (A lonely wife of a zamidar starts to drink alcohol to seek her husband’s love, time and company)

3.      Pavilion of Woman by Pearl S Buck (A forty-year-old woman withdraws from her life as wife in the physical sense and searches for a concubine for her husband even after the opposition from her husband.)

4.      Guide by R. K. Narayana (A guide who was unsuccessful in love with a reputed dancer searches for divine love by keeping fast to protect local people from calamity.)

5.      The Palace of Illusions by Chitra Banerjee Divakaruni (A wife of five men falls in love with the sixth. Yes, I am talking about Draupadi!)

6.      Devdas by Saratchandra Chattopadhyay (A heartbroken lad pierced the forehead of his beloved with a sharp object to leave a permanent mark of their love as she was going to marry an elderly widower.)

7.      Gunahon ka Devta by Dharmaveer Bharti (A childhood love story that cannot blossom into marriage because of their non-expressive love and romance.)

8.      Mrignayani by Vrindavan Lal Verma (It is a love story of Man Singh Tomar, a married king and a brave gujjar girl for whom he constructed Gujjari Mahal. A romantic novel set up in the historical background of Gwalior.)

9.      The God of Small Things by Arundhati Ray (It is a family drama including an offbeat story of incestuous sex between fraternal twins and the love story of their mother.)

10.  The Lowland by Jhumpa Lehri (A story of two brothers who hold different political views, one joins naxalite movement and was killed by police and another went to America to live a peaceful life. On knowing about his brother’s death, he returned to India to soothe his shattered family. He offered to marry his brother’s love who was carrying his brother’s baby. He tried to help her in settling in America whereas she did not love him and was haunted by her past memories.)

11.  Umrao Jaan Ada by Mirza Hadi Ruswa (A strange twist of fate in the life of a tawaif who could have been a wife of a wealthy and handsome Nawab whom she loved intensely. However, unfortunately, another girl child in the same prison was mistaken as her and now that girl child after growing up enjoys the status of Nawab’s wife.)

12.  Kumarasambhavam by Kalidas (Most of you will consider Meghaduta (in which lover sends the message to his beloved through clouds) as a most romantic novel by Kalidas but I consider Kumarasambhavam as it about love and romance between Lord Shiva and Mother Paravati. It also explains about the birth of Kumara (Kartikeya). Ma Paravati cursed the author for writing obscene descriptions of her conjugal life. It is a postulate that this curse still persists and can cause havoc in the love life of anyone who reads it.)

13.  Gora by Rabindranath Tagore (It is an unparallel love story of two pairs of lovers. Along with romance, it includes nationalism, religion, philosophy and feminism. It is a powerful book dripping with ideas.)

14.  Gita Govinda by Jayadeva (It narrates the simple love of Radha and Krishna depicting deep ethos of devotion of individual soul and its yearning for God realization and finally it’s merging with the Supreme Soul. The religious fervour is combined with eroticism to overcome lusty desires.)

15.  Lajja by Taslima Nasreen (This novel is about the minority community Hindus in Bangladesh during the demolition of Babri Masjid in India. It is a story of a Hindu wife who loves her husband and accepts her celibacy after the people of different religion mutilated her husband’s genitals.)

16.  A Suitable Boy by Vikram Seth (The longest novel with detailed description set in post-independence India in which a young woman is trying to find a suitable boy to marry.)

17.  Nal Damyanti, Amar Chitra Katha (I read it when I was quite young, but this love story left a permanent mark on my mind. It is about Damayanti, a beautiful woman and her husband Nal, the king of Vidarbh who lost everything in gambling. In the forest, he tried to catch birds with his cloth, but birds flew away with it. Damayanti tore her garment in half and gave it to him to cover his naked body.)

18.  Gently Falls the Bakula by Sudha Murty (It is a heart touching story about how two people from different backgrounds fall in love with each other, get married and the events that shake their life.)

19.  Aavarana by S. L. Bhyrappa (A rebellious and free-spirited young woman marries a Muslim who was not progressive and liberal as she thought. He forces her to follow Islam and she sets to uncover India’s history about religion and its rigidity.)

20.  Rain by W. Somerset Maugham (It is a long story or a short novella. The list of love stories cannot be completed without including it, as it is one of the best works of Samersaut Maugham. On a ship, a missionary who tries to reform a prostitute, falls in love with her and commits suicide.)

Dear readers, which is your favorite romantic novel, prose or story?

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