Saturday, January 28, 2023

Say Goodbye to Your Financial Crunch

“I am helpless, what should I do?”

A young guy who was going through financial crunch, bad health issues and onus of family responsibility asked me a couple of months back.

I suggested, “Do chanting of Mahalakshmi Tantric Mantra ‘Om Shreeng Mahalakshmayai Namah’ in Golden Palace in Sadhana App. When you become comfortable with the chanting also try Sadhana of Mahalakshmi in Sadhana App.”

The mantra contains the universal sound ‘Om’ which is the most powerful sound and can invoke pure vibrations. Swami Vishnudevananda in the book ‘Mediation and Mantras’ explained that ‘Shreeng’ is the Mantra of Maha Lakshmi. ‘Sha’ is Maha Lakshmi, ‘Ra’ means wealth, ‘Ee’ is satisfaction or contentment. Nada is the manifested Brahman, and ‘Bindu’ is the dispeller of sorrow.” Mahalakshmi is the consort of Lord Vishnu and is a bountiful provider. According to V.R. Gowri Shankar, Administrator Sri Sringeri Math, “Sri Mahalakshmi is the bestower of benefits. She is the giver of prosperity, splendor and glory. She represents the emergence of divine qualities in the sadhaka, subduing rugged tendencies. Purity of mind is another form of wealth, also achieved through praying to Lakshmi.” Mahalakshmi not only grants materialistic wealth to devotees but also blesses them with liberation from these repeated cycles of birth and death. ‘Namah’ means that I bow down to the Goddess Lakshmi. According to T. S. Narayana Swamy, “Goddess Lakshmi is manifested in eight forms as a mother of eight different aspects of prosperity. Adi Lakshmi brings happiness to mankind. Dhanya Lakshmi is the goddess of nourishment. Dhana Lakshmi grants wealth. Santana Lakshmi blesses with the children of high intelligence and good character. Gaja Lakshmi is the protector of humanity and promoter of peace and prosperity. Vidya Lakshmi grants value-oriented education to those who worship her. Vijaya Lakshmi bestows one with the victory over anger, lust, greed, jealousy, hatred and evil thoughts. Dhairya Lakshmi blesses with infinite courage, confidence and strength to fight against evil.”

Worshipping MahaLakshmi in Sadhana App by chanting, performing yajna and doing sadhana, the young guy’s problems were solved miraculously. Moreover, he had sufficient funds to take good care of his responsibilities.

The chanting of this mantra must be followed by yajna of Ma Lakshmi. Brief Yajna (4 minutes) which include fire offerings on Tantric Mantra and Gayatri of Mahalakshmi. One can also do Medium Yajna (10 minutes) which contains the offerings on the various names of Ma Lakshmi, Tantric Mantra and Mahalakshmi Gayatri Mantra. One should try to do Elaborate Yajna (15 minutes) to spend more time with the deity in which offerings are made on hundred names of Ma Lakshmi.

The auspicious time to carry out this is mentioned in the right-hand side bar under the heading 'Auspicious Date'. You can make the maximum use of this super auspicious time by choosing chanting and yajna according to your capacity and availability of time. You can also do Lord Ram yajna during this span of time before or after it.

Some points that one should keep in mind while worshipping Ma Lakshmi are as follows: -

1.      Do not touch the screen with your index finger while doing Mahalakshmi pooja in Sadhana App. Index finger brings poverty, ill health and bad luck. Try to touch the screen with the ring finger. You can also use other fingers and thumb as well.

2.      Divide the house in nine equal parts and as shown in figure. Worship Goddess Mahalakshmi while sitting in the North, North-East or East corner of the house. While worshipping Goddess one should face towards North, North-East or East.

Follow all these points sincerely and call Ma with immense devotion. You will be blessed with wealth and prosperity.

‘Khul ja sim sim’ (Open sim sim) as the magnificent doors in the Sadhana App open then one can have the darshan of the amazingly beautiful Mother Divine. The mother is holding golden lotus flowers in Her two hands, in one hand She is holding a pot filled with nectar and with the other hand She is blessing her devotees with name, fame, knowledge, victory, good children, valor, gold, delicious food, happiness, bliss, wisdom, beauty, religious thoughts, good health and liberation. The deity in the App is made up of Gold, showering golden blessings on Her devotees in the form of gold coins and golden knowledge. One is blessed to have Ma’s divine darshan on the screen!

Does the owl wink at you like me? ;)

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Pic : ‘Khul ja sim sim’ in Sadhana App

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  1. Jai Sri Hari! Your article beautifully explains the importance of Ma Lakshmi's worship and how her blessings can lead to wealth, prosperity, and liberation. The instructions on how to perform pooja are helpful. It is said, "The one who worships Lord Vishnu will be blessed by Goddess Lakshmi."