Thursday, January 19, 2023

Life Hit Me Hard, But I Decided to Embrace it.

My best friend stabbed me just for a temporary job.

“I am selected as a Research Fellow in ‘XYZ’ project.” She excitedly broke the news to me over the phone.

“When was the interview?” A surprised me asked.

“Today morning at ten.”

“Why didn’t you inform me?” I was reflecting on a quote, “It is better to have an enemy who slaps you in the face than a friend who stabs you in the back.”

“I thought that you knew about it.”

I knew that she intentionally did not share it with me. If I were present in the interview she would not have been selected as there were only two posts. With 88% marks in my B.Sc. and M.Sc., I was a scholarship holder throughout my study period in the college, with a decent number of published research papers and popular articles in my name. I was on the top of the merit list. There was one more person who had less percentage than me but higher than my friend. My best friend stabbed me just for a short-term job. My dream of becoming a dress designer was shattered on that day. Dane Thomas said, “Those who have walked the path filled with broken promises and shattered dreams are the ones who arise with the strongest wings.”

Earlier this interview had been cancelled many times due to one or the other reason before it happened on that day. I could not go to the college to check the notice board during last week so missed the interview date. I was shocked that even the project holder professor with whom I was writing papers did not inform me. Next day, I met her, and asked about it.

“I thought you must be knowing about it.” She replied in a nonchalant tone.

“You could have called when you found that I was not present among the candidates.”

But her big ego did not allow as she was entrapped in the false pride of a glorious and unique project in her name. Little did she know that, the opposition lobby had plans to sabotage the project using my friend as a pawn. This project was about the computerization of innovative dress designs in which the knowledge of a particular software was required. Still, I requested her to let me in to at least learn that software to which she bluntly refused. I had an inkling that she would repent.

After working for nearly one year my friend left that project in between. The other person in the project refused to work for extra time. I wanted to help her but I could not as I had no knowledge of that particular software. Her reputation was at stake. She worked like a laborer to complete that project. Nearing deadline, she had to work for 18 hours a day to save it from failing. In the meantime, her elder son was murdered in a road rage. She slipped into depression as she was emotionally attached to that son.

On that fateful interview day, I lost the job, I lost my best friend, and I lost my favorite lecturer – all in one go. Though career prospects seemed to vanish, even then I did not shed a tear. Later reflecting on life, I developed a feeling of acceptance of failures because it is just a way of nature to protect me from the unseen mishaps. Abuthaher said, “Acceptance of failure is the first success.” After some years, I joined the business empire of my father breaking the prevalent orthodox trend of girls not doing that business. 

‘मन का हो तो अच्छा, ना हो तो और भी अच्छा' - हरिवंश राय बच्चन

“If something happens according to your wish, it’s good. But if it doesn’t, that’s even better. If it is not happening according to your wish, then it is happening according to some divine force. That divine force will never think ill about you.”- Harivansh Rai Bachchan

Life surprises us all!

Pic : Me in Fashion Designing lab. 

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