Saturday, January 14, 2023

Rowdy Baby - A Viral Song

I was damn tense!

I twisted, turned and tried hard to sleep but could not because I was disturbed. One business related problem was causing anxiety to me. Whenever I am tense, I find myself addicted to mobile. I searched for my tension-soothing device. While surfing I came across a Tollywood actress ‘Sai Pallavi’ who rejected a two crore advertisement deal with a fairness cream calling her as ‘Indian Color’ and the doctor actress further added that Africans have their own color, and they are beautiful. She is not a trained dancer, but her dance moves are like a breeze, and she dances like a gazelle. I typed ‘Dances by Sai Pallavi’ and the search results showed ‘Rowdy Baby’. I loved this song, the beats, the moves, the set, the dresses and the shoes. I watched it 8-10 times which relaxed my mind and I could then easily slip into sleep.

Rowdy baby’ song from the movie ‘Maari-2’ is the most viewed Indian song on YouTube until now. It has about 140 crores views. Sai Pallavi and Dhanush are shaking their legs on Prabhu Deva’s dance steps. I do not know Tamil, but I still I know its lyrics. :) Some points I would like to share that I noticed while watching it repeatedly are as follows:-

1.      The person with black hat is holding a guitar but does not know how to play it.

2.      The same person imitates a difficult dance step by Sai Pallavi and falls off.

3.      Sai Pallavi is wearing blue bangles with her white suit, which match perfectly with the latkan hanging from the left side of her waist.

4.      The girl dancing on a dual color Lambretta of olive green and white paint is doing basic steps which she must have learnt in her nursery class. :) Moreover, she has a fear of falling off.

5.      The shoes, decorated as man and woman, are eye-catching.

6.      In the end, you would feel that it was a long shoe advertisement. :D

Till now, I have watched this shoe ad. more than 250 times. :)

The next day in the morning while meditating on Mother Divine I found my mind was relaxed and free from all sorts of worries. I could very easily focus on Her. She blessed me with her darshan. This time Her face was big, the eyes bigger and she was too close to my face as if She wanted to caress and bless me.

Pic : Pixabay

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