Monday, January 9, 2023

Want to Be Initiated in TANTRA?

He gently lifted Om Swamiji’s left paduka, rotated it making a half circle and put it on the right side. Then slowly he picked up right paduka turned it around and placed it on the left side so that when Om Swamiji slipped His feet into padukas, they perfectly fit in without any discomfort. As Om Swamiji sat on the vaysapetha to deliver discourse, our eyes moved towards His radiant face and His magnetic smile. None bothered to notice that how tenderly Swami Vidyananda ji changed the positions of His padukas to avoid the slightest uneasiness and wastage of His time. He take care of Om Swami ji selflessly and with divine Bhava. That’s why he is foremost disciple of Om Swamiji and was initiated in the tradition of Sri Vidya, the highest of all tantras.

Swami Vidyananda Om ji very delicately adjusted Om Swamiji’s flaring robe many a times in this video (T:2:34:00 till end) in between His bhajan singing attending to His slightest need without even His asking for. He served Him whole-heartedly with love and reverence.  

In the book ‘Om Swami : As We Know Him’ when Om Swamiji was working outside on a cold night, Swami Vidyananda ji could not sleep in his room and patiently waited for His master. Om Swamiji stepped into his tiny room for the first time, He picked up the photo of Sri Ramakrishna’s photograph, looked at it as if two saints were talking and soon tears started flowing from His eyes wetting His cheeks. Next day, during his morning prayers, Swami Vidyananda Om ji had the darshan of Mother Divine in Bala Swaroop clad in green top and red dress wearing gold ornaments. He serves His Guru humbly, willingly, demurely, unquestioningly, enthusiastically, untiringly, warmly and lovingly. Therefore, Guru’s Grace Flows to him like the water cascades from the waterfall.

As we are thousands and thousands of initiates of Om Swamiji, it is close to impossible for all of us to serve Him. So, we can serve humanity. We can serve others selflessly, which purify our hearts so that God can dwell in. We can live for others.

First start with a family member, serve him or her as if you are serving Om Swamiji. Take care of small needs of that person just as Swami Vidyananda Om ji looked after His Guru. Serve with love and reverence. With time when you are comfortable then include more members of your inner circle in this seva karma. Serve your elders, parents, siblings, children and friends with divine bhava without expecting anything in return. Swami Sivananda said, “Feed the hungry, nurse the sick, comfort the afflicted, and lighten the sorrow of the sorrowful. God will bless you. Clothe the naked. Educate the illiterate. Feed the poor. Raise the downtrodden. The world is burning with misery and suffering. Wake up, O man! Serve! Serve with love. Serve untiringly. Attain the peace of the Eternal.”

Try to see your Guru in the members of your outer circle like guests, teachers, colleagues, juniors, house cleaners, servants, security guards and strangers and serve them as if you are serving your guru with utmost love and care. This is the moola mantra of success on the path of tantra.

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