Tuesday, January 31, 2023

Vastu Tips to Remove Financial Crisis

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Almost a decade back, I visited a house for Vastushastra consultancy. I suggested them that they should change the position of the double bed and the almirah in which they keep valuables so that their financial problems can be solved. After a week when I visited them again, the owner of the house excitedly told me that when they shifted the furniture, in the dust bunny behind the bed they found a golden ring which they had lost a couple of years back. I still wonder about it!

The following points are not based on one success story but hundreds and thousands of my clients who have been benefited over the period of nearly two decades. These tips are so simple to follow however they give surprising results sooner or later.

1.      The altar or the prayer room should be in the North, East, North-East corner of the house.

2.      Make the North, East and North-East area of your house (marked as tick in the figure) junk free and as light as possible. Keep this part of your house as spacious as possible. Declutter it. (Maybe you also find some lost golden ring(s)!) Remove steel almirahs and heavy furniture from this area and place them in the South, West or South-West direction of your house (marked as cross in the figure). 

3.      Try to keep the doors and windows in the North, East and North-East direction of your house open for the maximum possible time so that the beneficial rays enter your house in abundance.

4.      Place big planters with creepers and heavy plants in the South, West, South- West area of the house so that the positive rays stay in your house. This will help you grow monetarily.

5.      Place a water filled pot for birds in the North, East or North-East corner on the roof or balcony. Daily change the water of the pot. It will bring prosperity for the residents of the house.

6.      Daily feed birds with just a half teaspoon of broken rice on the roof, terrace, balcony or windowsill in your house in the North, East or North-East direction of your house. It is an easy peasy point but blesses one with enormous wealth.

7.      The almirah in which you keep your valuables and money should be in the North or East area of the house. But the almirah should be placed along with the South or West wall of the room.

I charge a decent sum of money from my clients for sharing some of the above points. But I am writing it on my blog for free with a request to the readers to donate generously in the Sadhana App. If you do not have sufficient funds right now then please do not worry, donate whenever you have ample.

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  1. Jai Sri Hari! The benefits of following simple Vastushastra tips in attracting prosperity and abundance are amazing. The idea of placing a water-filled pot for birds and feeding them resonates with the idea of karma yoga in the Bhagavad Gita - doing selfless acts can bring blessings and prosperity. Thanks for sharing.