Sunday, January 22, 2023

Now, My Life Belongs to Others.

“Do you know what a gas chamber is?”

Before sharing the story that I heard from Sadhguru, I asked my genius brother as I only had a vague idea about it. I knew that a gas chamber could kill living beings but exactly how it worked, I was clueless.

He replied, “During the World War, the Nazis captured numerous European Jews. To kill them became a big question therefore their scientists suggested to build the gas chambers. In them, they released certain gases like carbon monoxide which resulted in mass murder of the victims of the Holocaust in that air-tight apparatus.”

Bhai is a mobile Encyclopedia!

“Only a certain number of people could be killed in a gas chamber. Every day the rulers summoned the prisoners to be gassed. On such one day, like a routine, a young prisoner was called out. This macabre ritual made him damn scared. He was horrified and terrified on seeing his death so close. One Rabbi noticed his suffering, felt the intense pain he was going through and offered him to exchange their shirts.  Rabbi soothed him and asked him to stay back. Instead of the young victim, Rabbi went into the gas chamber wearing the shirt bearing the young man's number. In a quote Swami Sivananda says that conquest of the fear of death, conquest of death, is the highest utility of all spiritual Sadhana. The one aim of all Yoga Sadhana is to meet death fearlessly and joyfully. Rabbi happily and peacefully went inside the gas chamber to save the life of the young man who was later released. Throughout his life the young man had a vivid remembrance of that generous Rabbi for liberating him from that gruesome experience and saving his life.”

These days, I feel that I am in the gas chamber. I have no desire to live for myself. With my penance I am giving away my life’s healthy years to a dying person because now, my life belongs to others. Albert Einstein said, “Only a life lived for others is a life worthwhile.”

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