Wednesday, January 4, 2023

My Spiritual Experience in Dream

“It is so difficult to do this task, Swamiji!” I complained. “I do not get the time to sleep neither at night nor in the afternoon. I am sleep deprived most of the time.”

In March 21 Zoom Satsang, Swamiji assigned a task to us, “I just need to make some change in the pattern in your life. Actually, I give you a choice, either you go to bed 40 minutes early, or you get up 40 minutes early every day, no matter what.” I was going through a very hectic schedule at that time where there was no room to either get up early or go to bed early. However, to obey His command, I had to make some adjustments in my daily routine, and I slashed my sleeping timings by 40 minutes. I decided to wake up early by 40 minutes every day to do some extra chanting. As a result, I did not get enough sleep and I was sleep deprived most of the time.

One day, in my dream, I saw Om Swamiji in ochre robe, and I complained to Him about my present situation. I told Him that this task was difficult for me to do because of my jam-packed time schedule. He listened to my grievances patiently. He smiled. And as we all know, His smile can do wonders!

Yay! I did the task obeying Him like a true disciple.

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