Friday, January 6, 2023

Decline of Hinduism in India - 2

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Only one laughed loudly, the rest of the disciples in the hall were silent.

In a discourse, Om Swamiji was narrating about a video, which went viral about Ramleela played by AIIMS students. The students group acted as Ram, Lakshaman, Sita and Shorpanakha. In the skit, they used absurd language to address Lord Ram and Lakshman. They mocked at various scenes from Ramayana and made fun of Hindu deities. Moreover, Shorpanakha said to Lakshman, “Tu chez badi hai mast mast....” In the video, the audience clapped and laughed. And something similar happen when one disciple could not control her laugh on this mockery. Like the rest of the disciples, I was sad and angry at the same time.

While surfing on social media, we daily come across so many videos, clippings and jokes that directly or indirectly make fun of our deities, saints and sages. Like that disciple we consciously or unconsciously make a grave mistake of laughing at them. We can either make fun of our respected deities, sages and saints or can seek their blessings. Both cannot happen simultaneously. In Bollywood movies, this trend is more prevalent. In the second chart depicted by Swamiji the decline of Hinduism was shown from 1951 census. Are Bollywood movies responsible for this decline? We pay for tickets to watch movies, which unconsciously drag us away from our culture and heritage in the name of humour.

There is sharp decline after the T.V. became the most important member of our homes. In most of the T.V. serials, the jokes are targeted at our deities and depiction of our saints as wrongdoers who have all the vices. Consequently, filling the viewers’ hearts with hatred and disrespect for them. Tantriks are presented as addicts and womanisers instead of kind and compassionate beings. Saint Narad is presented as a muckraker instead of the great devotee of Lord Naryana who constantly chants divine name. We all know that Ram is maryadapuroshotam, with divine qualities and an obedient son who willingly left for the exile just to obey his father’s words. Rather he is depicted as a cruel person who banished his wife to forest with no valid reason. Lord Shiva is represented as a consumer of bhang. His simple living style and intense meditation practices are not highlighted.   

Dear readers, which was the last movie or T.V. serial you saw which filled your heart with love and devotion for our deities, saints or sages? I recollect the famous scene from Bahubali movie in which Prabhas lifted Shivlinga. So, it is better to watch Tollywood movies than Bollywood movies. ;)

To be continued ....

Third part is here.

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