Tuesday, January 10, 2023

Mango Magic

Beta, at least give him one mango!” My mother instructed me when I said ‘NO’ to the security guard of my tower who has come to collect the prasadam as it was finished by that time. I rushed towards the refrigerator and brought two mangoes for him. Along with them, I also gave him a spiritual book. In addition, I thanked my mother sincerely for her kind and timely advice.

In mango season, whenever I distribute prasadam, I always keep in mind to add mango in the menu. Whenever I donate food items, I always include safedalangrachausadashehari mango according to their availability. Every time I purchase mangoes for myself, I never forget to share it with a cobbler who does mending and repairing work outside the main gate of my society.  

I clearly remember that a few years back, in the scorching heat of summer during the solar eclipse I bought a huge basket of mangoes and distributed it among the security guards and housekeeping staff along with religious books. Most of them were interested in enjoying the pleasure of savoring mangoes but some also expressed their liking for the religious books.

In every summer season, mango distribution has become a routine in my ‘seva’ program.

One night, before slipping into sleep, I was doing my regular chant. All of a sudden, He appeared from nowhere and dropped the rarest of all the mangoes- a mango of immortality in my lap as if He had just plucked this ripe mango from a nearby tree. I was half-shocked and half-surprised. My throat choked and I could not even utter the words, ‘Thank You Jee’.

As the fragrance of the ripe mangoes have created sweetness in the lives of the receivers whom I donated these fruits to, this rare mango has filled my life with fragrance too. Who says mango is an ordinary fruit ‘aam’; rather it is an extraordinary fruit ‘khas’!

Dear readers, donate a basket full of mangoes, one kg of mangoes or just one mango to a person who cannot afford to buy it. You will realize that you have moved a step closer to Him. This is what I call Mango Magic!

Pic : Pixabay

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