Friday, January 27, 2023

Do You Want to Practice Tantra?

Everything got blurred in front of my eyes!

On ‘Shravan ke somvar’ (Monday of Shravan month of lunar calendar) I was performing Rudram Abhishekam in Shiva Temple (Kailasha) in Sadhana App. The snow scattered on colossal mountains, the chilly winds stirring divine emotions, beautiful Shivlingam with a copper pot hanging with a thin wire above it, ambience inside the temple, elaborate process, pure ingredients, cleanliness, immense peace and a sense of calmness emanated eternal love. The strong winds blowing through the white mountains extracted all the old painful memories and gloomy experiences. Thus, created vacuum was refilled with divine nectar of bliss. My eyes became misty - Tears of devotion for Lord Shiva.

Earlier I was killing time. A sudden thought that today being ‘Shravan ka somvar’, I should perform abhishekam of Lord Shiva. I clicked on the abhishekam option in Lord Shiva Temple (Kailasha) in Sadhana App. First, I worshiped through Shivashtakama (4 minutes) with ingredients water, milk, yogurt, red garland, dhoop, handheld bell and handheld lamp. It was a normal process in which I just enjoyed clicking buttons like a kindergarten kid. Then I tried Vedsara Strotra (13 minutes) in which ingredients used in worship were water, Gangajal, milk, honey, yogurt, ash, fragrant water, fragrant oil, white cloth, blue garland, bilva fruit, incense, dhoop, ghee lamp, betel nuts, paan, small pot, gemstones, dry fruits, flowers, saffron, handheld bell and handheld lamp. It felt like a routine ritual without invoking any divine sentiments for the deity. Soon after I clicked on Rudram (23 minutes) in which Lord Shiva was offered ingredients like water, Gangajal, milk, honey, yogurt, sugar, ash, turmeric, fragrant water, fragrant oil, white sandalwood, red sandalwood, small pot, white cloth, white garland, sacred thread, betel nuts, paan, flowers, datura flower, saffron, bilva leaves, bilva fruit, rice pudding (kheer), sweetmeats (ladoos), cloves,  black sesame seeds, kusha grass, green grass, bananas, dry fruits, blue garland, incense, camphor, dhoop, ghee lamp, handheld bell and handheld lamp. The lengthy and elaborate process invoked feelings for the deity, and I felt a surge of divine emotions.

The best part of doing abhishekam in Sadhana App is that there is no dirt and slipperiness on the floor because of falling water drops and other liquids here and there. In a spick and span area, one can easily focus on Shivalingam and meditate. The clean and serene home environment free from the troubling noises, self-availability of time, no long-standing queues, saving of one's money and time by virtual procurement of various items. The best part is that all things are available and step by step guidance in a computerized sequence. All this makes a delightful experience. Only one need is a heart full of love for Him!

While practicing this Abhishekam, I worshipped a human being as Lord Shiva. It is a tantric practice. On becoming comfortable with this concept, I considered all human beings as divine. This is the mool mantra of all the left-handed tantric practices.

It is highly recommended for those who wish to walk the path of tantra. 13th Feb, 2023 before sunrise is the more auspicious time than ‘Shravan ke Somvar’. The fruits of the abhishekam will get tripled. It is a super auspicious time. Do not miss to do abhishekam in Sadhana App.

For Triple benefit give triple donation. ;)

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Pic : Shivlingam in Shiva Temple (Kailasha) in Sadhana App.

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  1. Jai Sri Hari! I l also love using the Sadhana app, it is very interesting. I particularly like the aarti that comes after japa. With tapas anyone can attain Shiva. Thanks for sharing.