Monday, October 10, 2022

Lord Ram Tantra Sadhana in Sadhana App


Aha! Any moment Lord Ram will be physically present in my life to bless me with His Divine Presence.

Now, doing sadhana is a kid’s play with the help of Sadhana App. Numerous complicated steps of sadhana are just a click away with arduous Sanskrit mantra chants and detailed description. Moreover, the app does not allow you to even forget a single step out of all those grueling steps mandatory for doing a sadhana.

Although I had done many sadhanas before the launch of Sadhana App following the traditional method by flipping the pages of the book ‘The Ancient Science of Mantras’. Because of the use of water in the traditional method, my book pages had curled and wrinkled. There was discoloration of pages from white to yellow to pale yellow and to brown. By looking at my book it seemed as if I was doing sadhanas from eons. :)

Just for the sake of fun and to learn a new thing I tried Ram Tantra Sadhana on Sadhana App. It is the sadhana of mantra ‘Hum Jankivalabhaye Swaha’ in which ‘Hum’ is Lord Shiva, the dispeller of sorrow which destroy one’s lower nature and make way for positive growth, ‘Jankivalabhaye’ is Lord Ram, the consort of Janaki (Ma Sita) as well as the giver of happiness and peace and ‘Swaha’ is Shakti (Ma Paravati), the divine energy. With one mantra, I worshipped three deities. :) I imbibed new mantras like Ram Gayatri mantra. I learned new mudras like avahana, sthapana, sannidhana, sannirodhan sambodhana, sammukhikaran, avagunthana and amaratikaran. I enjoyed doing it so much that till now I have repeated this sadhana six times. You can login to Sadhana App and check my name on the leaderboard under the heading ‘Sadhana’. By mistake my name appeared on the top of the list. :)

While doing my last sadhana, I cried almost every day while chanting, worshipping or doing yagna. Mostly while offering flowers and garland to my Bhagwan, I cried hard. The tears of divine love flowing from my eyes purified my heart and mind. The divine love overflowed in such a large amount from my eyes that now I have to wear spectacles to clearly see my deity. ;)

Many times, during the sadhana when my mind was focused, I felt the energy of Lord Ram in the room. My visualization of Lord Ram improved because of repeated sadhanas in Sadhana App, and I could very easily feel His presence in my room. Now, I have to work hard, really hard so that the divine energy manifests in physical form and I could touch my deity’s Divine Feet.

Dear readers, after reading this post, if you want to do Ram Tantra Sadhana then do not forget to take a dip in the pond before entering the temple. ;)

Pic : Ram Temple in Sadhana App