Friday, May 27, 2011

Ambulance on wrong side!

I had to put the harsh brakes as all of a sudden an ambulance ringing siren came in front of my car from the wrong side. Instead of going on left road of the highway it ran on the right side to avoid traffic jam on that side. I gave way to the ambulance so that someone's life could be saved. The fast speed of ambulance on the wrong side was totally unpredictable for the motorcycle on the same side of the road. They collided.

To save one’s life, one can break rules or one can not put life of other’s at risk?

Sunday, May 22, 2011

Blogger Vs. begger

On my blog, I am merely 2 hits away from 1000 hits which means 2 cents away from making one dollar from my writings. Folks, click the button to increase the money. :) A blogger wrote.

Is there any difference between blogger and begger?

Monday, May 16, 2011

Mr. Vs. Ms.

Mr. : Let's go back to Stone Age. Life, free of tensions and full of enjoyment. A carefree life!
Ms. : Unsuccessful persons think about going back to Stone Age, successful persons think about twenty-secondth century or beyond.

Do you agree with Mr. or Ms.?

Wednesday, May 11, 2011

You are our celebrity!

“The advertisement of the product should have a celebrity so that it can gain more attention from common persons. The present advertisement of the product only have simple girl in blue dress.” A dealer complained to the general manager of the company.
“If you remember the advertisement then the purpose is solved.” The general manager replied.
“I have to sell the product so I remember it day and night, not forgetting it for a second. The need of celebrity was for common persons who are our buyers.”
“Our company do not believe in the concept of celebrities. Moreover our company firmly believe that you are our celebrity as you give business to our company by selling the product.”

Do you think general manager is too polite to consider a dealer as a celebrity or too smart to divert the flow of thoughts?

Saturday, May 7, 2011

Dog in the lift

I saw that lift was coming down from the fifteenth floor. I waited for it as I was standing on the ground floor. The door opened and a street dog ran out of it.

Do you think it is a smart dog that can operate lift buttons or somebody presses the buttons for the poor creature so that it can land safely on ground?

Friday, May 6, 2011

Bunch of keys

“Oh Sh*t! SH*T!!” Mr. ‘H’ uttered on seeing his breeze blue car keys falling in the space between the lift and the floor. He lost his grip on the keys. He made an effort to grab them again but failed.
“Don’t worry you must be having a duplicate key.” I soothed him.
“Chandrika, The key ring not only have my car keys but also my office main door key, cupboard keys, safe key and my bank locker key.” He whispered in my ears.
“And on the key ring it is written ‘I have never lost my keys.’” He said this in his normal pitch.

Does Mr. ‘H’ lose his key ring ‘I have never lost my keys’ forever or no?

Monday, May 2, 2011

Breeze blue

“My dad gifts me a brand new car. Its color is breeze blue neither too dark nor too light rather pleasing blue. It is the most soothing blue I have ever seen in my life.” Mr. ‘H’ described while we were going towards the parking area. “My car is just behind this big black vehicle.”

Before I could have a glimpse of that sexy breeze blue, the lights went out. In the complete darkness my loud laugh could be heard.

Mr. ‘H’ took a few steps towards car while pressing the buttons of his mobile. He bought it near the car door and asked “How is the color?”

What should I say that in dim light I can’t see the color or in dim light breeze blue is hell lovable?

Sunday, May 1, 2011

A midnight call

I woke up from sleep to attend the call on my mobile from Mr. ‘H’. “What happened? Why do you call me at this hour?” I said irritatedly. The disturbed sleep gave me a slight headache.
“I want you to be the first person to wish me as I was born on this day some years back.” He said excitedly as well as lovingly.
I looked at the watch in mobile which was showing 12:01 am.

Do you think should I scold him for calling at this hour and disturbing my sleep or should I sweetly wish him ‘Happy B’day’?