Thursday, April 1, 2010

Earth hour

Date: 27.03.2010
Time: 10:30pm

“Did you celebrate earth hour?” Mrs ‘G’ a school teacher and my known inquired.
“Was it today?” Asked I, a person who is always overburdened with work. “Actually I thought today is 25th.” I tried to clarify.
“That was two days before.” She laughed on my innocence.
“So how did you celebrate it?”
“We switched off all the lights from 8:30 to 9:30 pm to prove our stand against the climate change.”
“Nice.” I could only utter this word as I was feeling ashamed of myself.
“Exactly after half past eight there was no electricity. And it didn’t turn up till now.” :-D

Is there an importance of earth hour where there are so much power cuts?


  1. ha ha ha
    i celebrate earth hour everyday
    we have 3 and half hour power cuts in name of load shedding...
    ha hour..ha ha..real funny stuff for us!

  2. Well this is debatable .. I think Earth hour will be beneficial doing a lot of other things not just have lights off for an hour..

    But yeah IS people do it religiously then IT MAY have some impact..
    But in india in my village we have it 8-9 hours or sometimes MORE.. so i guess we are making up for a lot of those who dont. :)

  3. I dont know what purpose it serves to turn off the lights for an hour when after that hour, we are going to do the same thing over again.

  4. ..well..frankly speaking I didnt know about earth day..Could have saved some energy! ..

  5. It is a symbolic exercise.I did switch of the lights.
    But, do we switch of the fan in the lift?
    It is a question of attitude, not saving electricity.

  6. It's all in creating awareness and modifying attitudes. Else, all these end up being just empty gestures.

  7. Did last year and the cats ended up with singed whiskers :)
    Blogged about it.

  8. Power cuts are official way of celebrating 'earth day' everyday while observing shutdown for an hour on specific day is a namesake concept :)

  9. It was an official power-cut on that fateful day. I call it "Fateful" because we have reached at an alarming stage today where harsh decisions to save mankind has become inevitable if not voluntarily contributed by one and all.

    If the trend of wasting electrical and other energy is not reversed timely, we'll have complete black-out one day, and from that day onwards, no earth hour will be needed !!?!!

  10. Most of us are not facing the problems of power cuts. When they will, they will stop misusing electricity. In Mumbai, people steal electricity who are backed by political organizations. Please visit
    I need your help!!

  11. I think there is..because the load shedding is forced on you and "earth hour" is by your own will ! It matters what you think and how you realise it :)

  12. It is not about lights, it is what do u stand for..

  13. our country do celebrate them but our family just dont join 'em..:/

    if you're ain't busy, pls. check out my latest post :D

  14. Sometimes I think that in India where there are frequent power-cuts, this symbolism is not needed but then by those Earth-hour gimmicks, if we save something, it's worth it. Gosh, I typed a long sentence!

    Came blog-hopping to your place from Shivani's.

    Joy always,

  15. Hi Chandrika!
    Came upon your blog courtesy ur gracious comment on my blog.Thanks!having said that, must say that the post on earth hour was nice & funny.
    In fact I have also written something on it on my other blog:

    Keep writing & dropping in!

  16. I am your 100th follower. Do I get a treat??

    Joy always and thanks for coming by my place :)


  17. Yeah, there was a power cut at my place too for more than an hour. I think earth hour is more significant in well developed places. Anyway, I am all for the green movement, planting more trees, reducing usage of plastic bags... stuff like that. And thanks for dropping by my blog.

  18. Earth Hour is for those earthlings who dont care about the planet. If we our doing bit in our daily life, I dont see any reason that we need to celebrate (if I may use this word) the Earth Hour. Why not have an EARTH LIFE... each and every day we care for the only planet that we have.
    Thanks for visiting my blog Chandrika.

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  20. Yeah..if there are power cuts for so many hours in India..we actually don't need a special Earth hour to show that we care about climate and global warming...

  21. Another of my dear blogger had written a post on this topic and I had said that I did not observe Earth Hour. That is simply because I do my part in saving power every day. I do my duties in conserving power at home and at office too. :-)

  22. earth hour is more an act of doesn't help power can't compare them with power cuts! :)

  23. Hi

    I just came over to see your amazing blog!!

    I'm most ashamed to say that I didn;t even know about Earth Hour. I am so, so sorry!

    I shall remember next time, I promise because I think it's so important to think about our one global home and how we should really look after earth properly!

    As for the power cuts.. oh dear! Hope it didn't last too long!

    Take care

  24. Chandrika,

    Very true. Earth Hour is taken care of by the power supply agencies, isn't it?

    Take care

  25. thats funny!!! I guess the purpose of Earth hour is more to create awareness than anything else..


  26. Every bit counts,that's what i think.In my view this kind of practice in a way unites all of us for a good cause .

  27. Yes, in India, forced power cuts ensure that everyone follows the Earth Hour almost everyday !!! Actually, we Indians care for the environment so much that the Govt forces it on us.

  28. Such attempts fade in the face of practical realities that confront us daily !

  29. well then.. you dont need to worry about power.. but may be you can avoid using plastic bags.. its nice to uphold the spirit not necessarily action..

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  31. LOOL

    Sooo true!

    Well written..
    In India, there is NO relevance.. atleast in the part of India I live in.. hehehehe

    Love your blog :)

  32. Why an earth hour when we all can make a big difference everyday!!!

    Nway...u've got a nice blog..

    N Stay around...wud luv to read more of ya!!

  33. @ Firebolt : Thanks a lot! :) Glad u liked it.
    Keep visiting. :)

    @ Jaunty anima : LOL. Thanks! :) Yaeh, sure. :)

  34. :) hehe
    so true!!
    infact a remark frm by dad that day relle made me ponder..
    he sed u guys r celebratin earth hr n all but wat bout the energy u waste evryday wen lites fans r on..chargers are stuck in sockets:O

  35. @ divsi : Glad u enjoyed this post. :) Keep visting.