Wednesday, October 28, 2009

Plastic fetters

A white folded paper was tied around the neck of pigeon who was strolling slowly on the roof wall of my house. A hell curios child I was took two or three steps towards it. It became alert, with its vigilant eyes fixed on mine moves. I stopped, wandering who it could be; a secret agent, a lover messenger or just a common courier striving hard for its survival in emails time. With aroused interest, I unconsciously took a step and oh! It flapped, was in the air and out of sight behind the ber tree. I ran to trace it but couldn’t.

After a week

I saw the same pigeon again. I easily recognized it as it had one white wing in its slate grey plumage which others lacked. This time there was no paper bit around its neck, must had fallen off or wiped off in yesterday’s heavy rains. The plastic string was still in its neck, passing between its beaks. It was trying hard to break the bondage with its soft beak and reddish pink legs. Most of the time its legs couldn’t even reached the fetters then what to say of breaking them. Beak and claws were not as sharp as knife to rip a strong plastic string. Poor bird! I wanted to free it, tried to catch as earlier. FAILED.

I never saw that pigeon again. Hope someone better catcher than me freed it from those plastic fetters.

Sunday, October 25, 2009

Give some, Get more.

Everyone in my class, when I was in school, was assigned a different topic for project. Mine topic was ‘Forests of India’. I searched books and newspapers from library. I collected good amount of material; arranged the pictures, photographs with the write up. All of my batch mates were doing the same so I need something new to make it more impressive. What it could be? I didn’t know but still desired to have something unique which others couldn’t even think of.

In the evening, I visited family friend’s house. They also had a school going child but much younger than me. While chatting with lovable kid, I came to know that he loved to collect stamps. He was too eager to show me his treasure.

Viewing his album, I came across two picturesque stamps that very well fit in my project. I borrowed him, his two precious gems. His response was negative. True very true, if he would have been giving stamps to every one then he would not be having such a great collection. I offered him that I would give him two new stamps in exchange. He was passionate about his possession.

Next day, I met him, started bargaining from two stamps and raised up to five. He was not at all interested although I tried my all convincing tactics. His father over heard our bargain, passing through the narrow passage in front of his room. He came in and ordered him to hand over those stamps to me. And also said, “Give didi some more stamps if she needed more.” To my surprise he happily obeyed the order and offered more. Till then I had revealed only five stamps to him. Delightedly I, with twin bits of paper, presented him all the ten stamps which I brought with me. On seeing them, he jumped, “Vow!!! Nigeria, Finland, Cuba, Brazil and Sri Lanka, I have none from any of these.”

My teacher was all praise for my project; in my heart I was admiring the child for his obedience.

Friday, October 23, 2009

Delicious pizza

Roaming in Universal Studios, Orlando from one to another, viewing exciting things and experiencing thrilling adventures in theme parks, not only made me tired but hungry also. There were lots of eating places though vegetarian food was available only at a few counters. I searched one, ordered pizza, chilled coke and sweet Chocó cookie.

As soon as I ate the first morsel of pizza, I realized why in America most of the people are non vegetarian. It was sticky, difficult to chew and what to say of taste, overall it was even worst than the dhaba rotis in India. I was not sure whether I could find something veggie better than this. So continued eating it, till it was finished.

That’s a totally different story that that pizza remained in my stomach for two days causing me all that blah blah which I do not want to recall as well as write.

Although after relishing such a delicious pizza, I will be scared of eating pizzas, but if by chance just by chance I ever try again to eat it then I will definitely going to like it as it can’t be worse than that, sure can’t be.

Thursday, October 22, 2009

C'est la vie

I saw an obese aged person who was sitting on sofa in the waiting lounge of hospital. His both hands were thickly plastered, placed on his thighs. The first thought that struck my mind was how difficult his life would be with those white heavily padded palms. Not only eating, drinking, dressing up but also doing his personal works would be difficult for him, these days. Life must be tough for him.

Now, my brain started making a list of chores which he could do. He could listen to music, pray to God, watch TV and gossip. He could also read my blog.

Hope he get well soon rather very soon so that he can even leave a comment on my blog.

Wednesday, October 21, 2009

Shy girlfriend

The hero of the story, Mr. Monkey, was sitting on the white painted swing under the shade of pine and deodar tall trees, inviting his girlfriend, saying, “Sweet heart, come we will enjoy the swings together and together.” But she is so shy to come into the focus.

Sometimes boyfriends are too shy, prefer to remain out of focus. ;-)

Tuesday, October 20, 2009

Beloved mother-in-law

The other day, a middle aged lady came to join yoga classes. Formal greetings, she told that she had a heart problem from past two years. She was keenly interested in joining yoga for improvement in her health. She said, “I am taking medicines……I am taking……preventions……I am doing this and that……but now I think I should also do yoga regularly.”

I asked, “Does anybody else in your family also have heart problem?”
“Yes. Yes.” She excitedly told, “My mother-in-law also has the same problem.” :-)

Next day, she didn’t turn up. A message was vocally delivered by her son that my mother would not be coming for some days as my dadi ma (paternal grand mother) was ill.

Monday, October 19, 2009

Betting game

A young guy named ‘X’ betted with a mature middle aged man ‘Y’. The bet was that ‘X’ would be in murga posture for 10 minutes and if he did so he would be given a party in five star hotel by ‘Y’.

Murga means a rooster. In this position the person has to squat and bring his arms between the legs and then finally holding his ears. It is considered to be a tough punishment. Even a person with good flexibility and stamina can hold the stance for some minutes only.

The stopwatch was started. ‘X’ took the position. The young guy boasted of sure success. Elatedly, he said he would invite all his good friends to that party. Sunil, Sandeep, Rajesh and……
“You select the menu also.” He was suggested.
Only 30 seconds had passed when he asked, “How much time is left?” :-)

If he was tired just after 30 seconds, could he win the bet for which he had to be in murga position for 600 seconds?

Sunday, October 18, 2009

Bottle gourd

Every year, we used to grow bottle gourd along with other vegetables in our kitchen garden, in summers. The vine of bottle gaurd spreads speedily on trees if irrigated well. It bears white flowers. Its fruit is light green with smooth skin and white flesh used as vegetable. Its juice, raita and cooked form 'sabzi' are nutritive as well as light to digest.

In the photographs, longest bottle gourd ever grown in our kitchen garden is displayed by the kitchen gardener Bahadur. His naughty daughter Kavita insisted to be clicked along with bottle gourd. She wanted to take the credit herself as she has once irrigated the vine bed. Thats a different thing that she forgot to change the position of hose pipe which resulted in over flowing.

Friday, October 16, 2009

Festive mood

I was on the roof of my house, collecting dry clothes on the line. I was low and frustrated. With business problems and the problems which my mind created on its own were puzzling me. Confused brain was tired and was feeling more tired on seeing so much work which was yet to be accomplished. Festive season was on, everybody was busy in singing, enjoying music and celebrating. And what the hell I was doing, collecting the dry clothes and making a list of household chores which were to be attended as early as possible?

Then I saw a purple kite with white stripes in the sky. Emerging from a far away building, it was coming into view. Damn! People even have the time to fly kites. Oh no! It was not one rather two, three, four and my goodness five kites in yellow, green, red and blue all with similar pattern of same color on them, were flowing towards the direction of my house. Vow!! A train of connected kites with lose string was coming nearer and nearer me. I threw the clothes on the cot, ran to see them. By the time they were very close. I feared as they all were going to bang a ber tree which has thorns to harm their delicate paper skins. The wind was taking them away. Now, I want to protect the five sister kites.

As they were passing close but not so close to the roof wall, I jumped and got hold of the lose string. My left leg rubbed against the wall. A loooong scratch but I ignored the pain while giving direction to the kites against the wish of wind. I was happy as a child. Festive mood has dawned on me.


Who’s there?
A glossy black house crow was sitting on the windowsill of kitchen, was tapping her beak on the window pane. It’s the aroma of dishes cooked by my mother which attracted her.
My mother gave her pieces of chapatti. She gathered all in her small bill and flew away.

Next day
The same bird again, feeling hungry, wanted something just anything to eat. This very movement the meal was not yet prepared, so my mother put two biscuits on windowsill. She took away one biscuit and the other one was taken by some other crow that was hiding in ber foliage.

Third Day
The intelligent creature was demanding food as usual; as usual my mother gave her few left over bread crumbs. Soon seven- eight crows came who were sitting on the top branches and couldn’t be seen from kitchen window pane. In a minute everything was finished.

Fifteen minutes passed.
The lazy bird was yearning not only food for herself and her children but for her whole family. My mother stopped giving her any eatables.

One should never be helped fully. It makes one idle. One should be helped to some percent only so that one continued to struggle for its survival.

Sunday, October 11, 2009

Relaxing time

My pet named ‘Kartiki’ was relaxing under my study table. On triangular face her erect pinkish ears, shinning black eyes, brownish black sensitive wet nose and white sharp teeth and her licking tongue made her the most beautiful creature in the world of course in my views. Yellowish cream fur coat of hers was soft to touch. Her curved tail’s tip always stroked her own body.

It was nap time. A cute pose to be clicked, so was clicked.

RELAX, baby relax, plenty of time to relax.

Saturday, October 10, 2009

Monkey’s taste

Selecting a book from library is a labourious job if one can’t find the books of one's choice. Picking up the one; going through it, reading its summary and about the author to find of one's taste. Once I was in the same dilemma, select a book. Turning its pages, I by chance reached its last but one page. In blue ball pen ink, was written ‘This book is very boring.’ And below it someone else has written in red ink, from the difference in handwriting, I guessed that. “Bandar kya jane adrak ka swad”, meaning monkey doesn’t relish the taste of ginger. Does any one know the English proverb of the similar meaning?

After that, becomes my habit to start reading a book from the end but I am yet to come across such an interesting comment again.

Thursday, October 8, 2009


An attractive duck with colorful speculum was floating in one of the lakes in Orlando. She is a proud mother of eighteen young ones. Some dull colored, some bright yellow and a few spotted ducklings are trailing her in swamp. Swimming, diving, getting entangled in aquatic flora but still following their mother.

In recession, upbringing of eighteen young ones is really a tough job, indeed tough.

Wednesday, October 7, 2009

Polythene bags

These days, almost every item is wrapped in polythene. Spices, pulses, sugar, biscuits, bread, washing powder, electric gadgets and readymade garments are there with a cover of polythene around them. Even liquids like milk and oil are also in polypacks.

Karva Chauth, a traditional festival for married women, no food no water. They keep fast for longevity of their husbands. On that day, rather at night they break their fast after moon rise.

This year, the faintly visible moon with a tint of orange and yellow seemed to be wrapped in slightly white polythene. Nature affected by polythene!

Tuesday, October 6, 2009

Light in the darkness

While returning home, from yoga classes, a lady of senior citizen cadre stopped me. I greeted her. She asked me about yoga classes, its charges and what I teach and for how long. I tried to satisfy her with my answers dipped in politeness but she seemed to be a person, not to be satisfied easily.

“Do you teach meditation?” she inquired
“Yes, in bhrahmari pranayam, meditation is one step; we do it for two minutes.”
“Just two minutes!”
“Yes, ma'am. I teach pranayams which are breathing excercise and physical excercise for strenghtening of all body organs. Ma'am, I have to keep balance between them. So can’t give more time than that.”
“In meditation what are your experiences?”
“My Goodness, such a personal question in just first meeting.” I thought and smiled back to avoid the question. She didn’t get the hint and asked again. This time I changed the track and said, “Few days back, one of my students saw a very radiating sun.”
She was amazed, “One sees lights!!! I do the meditation for six to seven hours daily and only see darkness.” I tried to clarify her that if one does pranayam, yoga, diet control and lead a disciplined life, they all help in meditation.”
“I don’t want to do formal meditation.” she replied bluntly.
“Then see the DARKNESS only.” I chewed my words.

Most of the time, we all need to open up the windows of our minds, so that some light can come in.

Monday, October 5, 2009

Crack in front car glass

One day returning back home, from Gurgaon, a loaded truck crossed my car with a high speed. As the truck passed the car, I heard a chink sound as if a small pebble struck at upper corner of the front glass. It came with such a force and speed that my eyes couldn’t see it. A tiny dent appeared even smaller than the head of a allpin. Thinking that it is a pretty small issue just left it.

After two days, the crack at the same point starts growing inside the glass. Surprising fact was that the crack couldn’t be felt on both the surfaces of glass: top and bottom. It started spreading its huge arms like an imp with each passing day.

Sometimes, some person with the same force and intensity enters one’s life and make a quick exit. After that, the needle tip wound increases its size making one’s life HELL.

Sunday, October 4, 2009

Life Vs food

On National Highway No.8, from Rewari to Gurgaon, was going by car. A shikra commonly known as hawk of gray color with whitish bars, all of a sudden came in front of our speeding car. A sudden break from both the sides prevented the mishap. Shikra was carrying a little squirrel in his piercing black claws, but to save his own life, he lost his grip on the prey. As baby squirrel fell on the road, it hurried towards the nearby bushes to save its life. Oops! My camera couldn’t capture that sight as it happened so quickly.

Happy we feel as the little squirrel’s life was saved or feel sad as shikra couldn’t get his meal?


Today, Shyam Baba’s Prasad was handed over to me. It was a decorative box of 5inches x 5inches x 1½ inches.

On opening it, I found it, packed with locked poly bags. Different eatables were laying one above the other. Yellow colored boondis, slightly sweet churma, reddish yellow namkeen, Karachi halwa which can’t be broken into two pieces but can be stretched like a rubber were in different bags. Two toffees, one piece paitha were lying in between the packets. And what else in one corner was a small samosa stuffed with dry spices.

Saturday, October 3, 2009

Made in India

I was surprised to see that like Indian markets American markets were also flooded with Chinese products. Tempting products like a toy, decorative items, cell phones, electric gadgets, just think of the item and that is ‘Made in China’. One, two, three….. each item I picked. I felt quiet disappointed on not finding anything ‘Made in India’ in American market. I try to soothe myself may be the items I randomly picked up were all ‘Made in China’. But I couldn’t.

On one of New York street, disheartened on not finding anything ‘Made in India’, with my drooping head, I was walking and walking, pondering on the performance of Indian products in the world market. And then what I saw, a sewerage iron manhole cover, dust mingled with smoke gathered in its designer groves, but still highlighting in bold letters ‘Made in India’. At least something I found that was ‘Made in India’.

Thursday, October 1, 2009

Birthday Time!!

Tommorow is 2nd of October, a national holiday. A time to wake up late in the morning, a time to do the pending work, a time to play video games, a time to go for an outing. But do we really think of why this day is a national holiday?

I was quiet surprised that a college pass out; one of my yoga student didn’t know the answer. Strange, wasn’t it? What so strange, simply he had a poor GK. After a little pondering and scratching his head with his left hand, he shyly said, “Mahatma Gandhi.”
I asked, “Tommorow we also celebrate B’day of one more great leader. Do you know who is he?” This time it was a tough question, a really tough one. Seeing his blank face, gave him a hint, “Jai Jawan, Jai Kisan.” But all was in vain.

Is it really true that we remember B’day of Bollywood actors and actresses but we are forgetting our GREAT leaders who sacrifice their lives for us?

Put your hand on your heart and ask, “Do you know, who the other leader is to share his B’day on the same date?”