Wednesday, October 28, 2009

Plastic fetters

A white folded paper was tied around the neck of pigeon who was strolling slowly on the roof wall of my house. A hell curios child I was took two or three steps towards it. It became alert, with its vigilant eyes fixed on mine moves. I stopped, wandering who it could be; a secret agent, a lover messenger or just a common courier striving hard for its survival in emails time. With aroused interest, I unconsciously took a step and oh! It flapped, was in the air and out of sight behind the ber tree. I ran to trace it but couldn’t.

After a week

I saw the same pigeon again. I easily recognized it as it had one white wing in its slate grey plumage which others lacked. This time there was no paper bit around its neck, must had fallen off or wiped off in yesterday’s heavy rains. The plastic string was still in its neck, passing between its beaks. It was trying hard to break the bondage with its soft beak and reddish pink legs. Most of the time its legs couldn’t even reached the fetters then what to say of breaking them. Beak and claws were not as sharp as knife to rip a strong plastic string. Poor bird! I wanted to free it, tried to catch as earlier. FAILED.

I never saw that pigeon again. Hope someone better catcher than me freed it from those plastic fetters.

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