Saturday, October 3, 2009

Made in India

I was surprised to see that like Indian markets American markets were also flooded with Chinese products. Tempting products like a toy, decorative items, cell phones, electric gadgets, just think of the item and that is ‘Made in China’. One, two, three….. each item I picked. I felt quiet disappointed on not finding anything ‘Made in India’ in American market. I try to soothe myself may be the items I randomly picked up were all ‘Made in China’. But I couldn’t.

On one of New York street, disheartened on not finding anything ‘Made in India’, with my drooping head, I was walking and walking, pondering on the performance of Indian products in the world market. And then what I saw, a sewerage iron manhole cover, dust mingled with smoke gathered in its designer groves, but still highlighting in bold letters ‘Made in India’. At least something I found that was ‘Made in India’.


  1. ...u gotta b kiddin!... now i know y awl the manholes are open IN india... while v keep the Umrikan sewage safe!... grrrr....

  2. :-D Thanks for reading and commenting on such an old post. Keep visiting. :)