Friday, October 23, 2009

Delicious pizza

Roaming in Universal Studios, Orlando from one to another, viewing exciting things and experiencing thrilling adventures in theme parks, not only made me tired but hungry also. There were lots of eating places though vegetarian food was available only at a few counters. I searched one, ordered pizza, chilled coke and sweet Chocó cookie.

As soon as I ate the first morsel of pizza, I realized why in America most of the people are non vegetarian. It was sticky, difficult to chew and what to say of taste, overall it was even worst than the dhaba rotis in India. I was not sure whether I could find something veggie better than this. So continued eating it, till it was finished.

That’s a totally different story that that pizza remained in my stomach for two days causing me all that blah blah which I do not want to recall as well as write.

Although after relishing such a delicious pizza, I will be scared of eating pizzas, but if by chance just by chance I ever try again to eat it then I will definitely going to like it as it can’t be worse than that, sure can’t be.


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  2. Hi Aneesha. Thanks for visiting my blog and encouraging me. Good luck.