Monday, October 5, 2009

Crack in front car glass

One day returning back home, from Gurgaon, a loaded truck crossed my car with a high speed. As the truck passed the car, I heard a chink sound as if a small pebble struck at upper corner of the front glass. It came with such a force and speed that my eyes couldn’t see it. A tiny dent appeared even smaller than the head of a allpin. Thinking that it is a pretty small issue just left it.

After two days, the crack at the same point starts growing inside the glass. Surprising fact was that the crack couldn’t be felt on both the surfaces of glass: top and bottom. It started spreading its huge arms like an imp with each passing day.

Sometimes, some person with the same force and intensity enters one’s life and make a quick exit. After that, the needle tip wound increases its size making one’s life HELL.


  1. True, it appears to be Hell for a while, but may be sometimes down the line, when the glass is replaced - and one is cautioned that the old one could have just shattered any time - one realizes what hell's wrath he/she has just evaded!

  2. Thanks Kayjee. I appreciate your views. Today, I will send my car for glass replacement.:-)

  3. Whoa! Di... To connect such an event to life.. btw.. the car glass can get replaced.. what happens to life ??

  4. Enjoy life! Whether it cracks, replaces or something unexpected……Just ENJOY!!!