Thursday, October 1, 2009

Birthday Time!!

Tommorow is 2nd of October, a national holiday. A time to wake up late in the morning, a time to do the pending work, a time to play video games, a time to go for an outing. But do we really think of why this day is a national holiday?

I was quiet surprised that a college pass out; one of my yoga student didn’t know the answer. Strange, wasn’t it? What so strange, simply he had a poor GK. After a little pondering and scratching his head with his left hand, he shyly said, “Mahatma Gandhi.”
I asked, “Tommorow we also celebrate B’day of one more great leader. Do you know who is he?” This time it was a tough question, a really tough one. Seeing his blank face, gave him a hint, “Jai Jawan, Jai Kisan.” But all was in vain.

Is it really true that we remember B’day of Bollywood actors and actresses but we are forgetting our GREAT leaders who sacrifice their lives for us?

Put your hand on your heart and ask, “Do you know, who the other leader is to share his B’day on the same date?”


  1. Very thought provocative observation Chandrika!! Its really sad that the world now takes 2nd October as just another holiday, and forgets the real motive behind it.

    It is a universal truth that Gandhiji was a great soul, a true Mahatma worthy to be revered by billions, but it is at the same time not correct to forget Lal Bahadur Shastriji, whose contribution towards the nation remains unparalleled because of his honest and humble style of working.

    Wake up India, and please don't just decorate the office walls with the paintings / sketches of great people, but start implementing their ideology and principles too.

  2. Thanks a lot for your valuable insight,Gaurav. I look forward to your comments which are full of positive thoughts and ideas.

  3. Well Di, not surprising to me.. these days 2nd Dec is not celebrated as a b'day... but rather as Dry Day... and thn again most of the college passouts have their reservations about what MG did to deserve a national holidays... and most importantly.. why he alone?? Infact.. even you can think over it... try googling for starters...
    And btw.. the national holiday is only in the honor of MG... it's just a coincidence that LBS was born on the same day...

  4. My b’day fall on 3rd Dec and not on 2nd Dec:-) Thanks for your frank views.