Monday, October 7, 2019

Love thy nature

Place : Grass Farm Nursery, Jaipur

When I saw all the employees of the nursery are busy with other clients, I knelt down to take out the packed saplings from the seedbed. As I was about to take out the sapling, a heard a blurred and harsh voice. I looked up. An old man with not so pleasing look with his right hand close to his chest tried to stop me with his not so distinct voice along with gestures with only left hand. As he speaks, saliva was dripping from his mouth. He was wearing thick glasses on his bulging eyes. I tried to understand what he was saying to me. When he repeated it three four times, I came to know that he was offering help.

“Let me do it for you!”

I was a bit hesitant whether he would be able to do it correctly physically as the packed saplings were quite heavy and mentally as they needed to be counted. He started doing it. When I noticed that he was doing the job perfectly, I stepped back.

He helped me in collecting different types of saplings in varied numbers. He also showed me some of the fully-grown trees in the nursery of those varieties that I selected.

He accompanied me to the checking and payment desk. The officer there told me, that this very special person was a retired person from the same department and he regularly visited nursery even after his retirement and work honorary, as he loved to live in greenery.

I was amazed to see his love for nature!