Sunday, October 25, 2009

Give some, Get more.

Everyone in my class, when I was in school, was assigned a different topic for project. Mine topic was ‘Forests of India’. I searched books and newspapers from library. I collected good amount of material; arranged the pictures, photographs with the write up. All of my batch mates were doing the same so I need something new to make it more impressive. What it could be? I didn’t know but still desired to have something unique which others couldn’t even think of.

In the evening, I visited family friend’s house. They also had a school going child but much younger than me. While chatting with lovable kid, I came to know that he loved to collect stamps. He was too eager to show me his treasure.

Viewing his album, I came across two picturesque stamps that very well fit in my project. I borrowed him, his two precious gems. His response was negative. True very true, if he would have been giving stamps to every one then he would not be having such a great collection. I offered him that I would give him two new stamps in exchange. He was passionate about his possession.

Next day, I met him, started bargaining from two stamps and raised up to five. He was not at all interested although I tried my all convincing tactics. His father over heard our bargain, passing through the narrow passage in front of his room. He came in and ordered him to hand over those stamps to me. And also said, “Give didi some more stamps if she needed more.” To my surprise he happily obeyed the order and offered more. Till then I had revealed only five stamps to him. Delightedly I, with twin bits of paper, presented him all the ten stamps which I brought with me. On seeing them, he jumped, “Vow!!! Nigeria, Finland, Cuba, Brazil and Sri Lanka, I have none from any of these.”

My teacher was all praise for my project; in my heart I was admiring the child for his obedience.


  1. Amazing how much power a father has over his child! I'm glad it turned out to be a win win situation in the end. I was stopping by to thank you for your cheer during the recent Read-A-Thon. : )