Wednesday, November 4, 2009

Power of prayers?

A call on my mobile upset my mood while I was at my client’s house to suggest changes according to vaastu. I couldn’t concentrate on work after that. Though the vaastu concepts are clear to me and I explained confidently. Now, the situation was different. I was disturbed which was making me confused about the changes to be suggested. Bewilderment on my face and in my voice could be easily noticed. And yaeh the client and his wife felt that too. I was not satisfied with my performance, even then they paid my fees so politely that I couldn’t refuse. I just prayed for their prosperity and wellbeing.

After I left, my client and his wife decided to do the changes, what ever I suggested in my perplexing state. The position of double bed in their children room was to be changed. As soon as they moved the bed then they found a shinning object mingled with dust and dirty fibers behind the leg of bed, in room’s corner. Slight movement of bed made it clearly visible. Picked up the shinning little thing and recalled that it was their daughter's missing diamond studded gold earring. They thought it was lost by her in school. This incidence they narrated to me on my next visit to their house. This time, I confidently suggested the changes.

Is it a power of prayers, vastu or just a coincidence?