Saturday, November 28, 2009

Eating capacity

“You didn’t come yesterday, is everything fine?” I inquired Mr.‘Y’ a middle aged yoga student.

“I had to rush to metropolitan city to meet my old pal.”
“Why so?” All the members of yoga group were eager to know.
“In morning, there was a religious function so I had halwa, kheer, puris with aloo sabji. I reached my friend’s house about noon. Preserved mango and guava fruit juice with dhokla, mathri, Bengali sweets and biscuits were served. Though not hungry yet courtesy sake I took some.”

He continued, “We discussed the things for half an hour, then his wife served lunch; chapatti, missi roti, dal makhni, palak paneer, pindi channa, pulaoo, curd and raita. A good hostess she was. I myself was surprised that I tasted each and every dish and ate to the full. When sweet dish malai kulfi was served, I realized there was no space left. But I couldn’t refuse so….”

“You ate that too?” I surprisingly asked.
“Not only that but much more. Hardly I and my friend talked for forty five minutes then the table was again decorated with delicious dishes. Samosa, katchori, rasgulla, gulab jamun with hot coffee was graciously served. All these items started making their space in my belly pushing aside the earlier placed items. Before they could serve the dinner, I bade them goodbye. Returning home, I didn’t take even a glass of water as there was no space for that even. Next day, I woke up safe and sound, though I was not hoping so.”

While group was giggling, admiring his tummy he complained to me, “Ma’am, I am not losing weight though I do yoga regularly.”
“Sir, Yoga has increased your eating capacity.” I smiled back.


  1. thats yummy list :) u shudnt worry abt how much i weigh if u get food like this :)

  2. This list is really tempting. :) Thanks Sandeep.

  3. LOL..
    This is a really nice post. This is the first time I am visiting this blog and I am sure that this wont be that last.
    Keep Writing.

    Best Regards,
    Vikram Kumar.

  4. Hi Vikram.

    Thanks for praising me and visiting my blog.:-)I also hope so that I will continue writing. Keep visiting and motivating me to write more.

    Best wishes.

  5. ummm! sounds delicious!
    come and vist me again Lurkynat!