Friday, January 20, 2023

Vision of Lord Ganesha and His blessings


Problems! Problems! Problems!

“Oh Lord Ganesha! I have problems in my personal life. I have problems in my professional life. I have problems related to my health. Only my spiritual journey was smooth sailing, now there are problems in that too. Please help me in removing obstacles from my spiritual path.” Using Sadhana App, I ardently prayed to the God who has a curved trunk.

Earlier I was disappointed as I could not start any more sadhana in Sadhana App as I was already doing Ram Tantra Sadhana in Sadhana App and only one sadhana can be done in it at one time. I wanted to worship Lord Ganesha starting from Ganesha Chaturthi but the traditional method of doing sadhana as mentioned in ‘The Ancient Science of Mantras’ required a lot of Gayatri Mantra japa one day before the commencing of sadhana. I could not practice it because of some business-related work which required my urgent attention. I desperately wanted to do Ganesha Sadhana to remove hindrances coming unexpectedly on my spiritual journey. Thinking about Lord Ganesha and His wise tricks to achieve the goal, a naughty idea hit my mind.

I downloaded Sadhana App on my old mobile and hurriedly logged in using my name as ‘Chhole Bhature Ma’. I clicked the options of doing Ganesha Sadhana. As the chant started, I was surprised it was the sadhana of the same mantra that I wanted to do. Although the Ganesha Mantra ‘Om Vakratundaya Hum’ was not in the ‘Japa option’ in Sadhana App. In this mantra ‘Om’ is the universal sound, ‘Vakratundaya’ is the one who has a curved trunk and ‘Hum’ is the beej mantra of Lord Shiva who dispels all sorrows.

Almost daily I cried horribly and asked Lord Ganesha to come and help me in sorting out my problems. Sometimes I sobbed, sometimes I cried, sometimes I wept loudly and many times I would cry out my heart. Most of the time, my fervent prayers were heard, and I felt that Lord Ganesha had put His trunk on my head. The more I cried the more I experienced the presence of ‘Vakratundaya’, the one with a curved trunk near me, caressing me with His trunk and comforting me in all possible ways.

One day before the last day of my sadhana, I had a faint vision of Lord Ganesha in my meditation in which I saw His eyes, His Eyebrows and His curved trunk. For the first time in my life, I experienced the manifestation of a masculine energy with my closed eyes. I was not doing sadhana in any remote place like the bank of a river, near the ocean, in a cremation ground, in a cave or in a dense forest rather I was doing sadhana in my comfy home. I did not opt for an elaborate and complicated sadhana. I just did the sadhana for 28 days with the chant of only 11 minutes in the Sadhana App. Frankly speaking, even now I could not do the correct nyasa, sometimes I placed the mantra on the wrong body part thinking that at least I placed it on one or the other body part. It is not only surprising for you but also for me. But anything is possible with the Guru’s Grace. It is possible only because of Om Swamiji’s blessings and the lineage blessings.

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Pic : Ganpati Tantra Sadhana in Sadhana App

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