Wednesday, January 18, 2023

Immense Silence in the Cremation Ground

We buried Om!

I liked Om Swamiji's name so much that when I got the chance to name somebody, I named the tender being as ‘Om’. How delighted I was when I picked up this name. I always remembered him while saying the name. His memoirs, his teachings, his knowledge, his values, his principals, his command over so many subjects inspired me to namesake someone along with those good virtues and qualities. Whether all the time I was chanting his name or visualizing the one with the name ‘Om’, it hardly mattered to me. Nevertheless, I was on cloud nine!

“Papa, I will come along with you to the cremation ground.” I insisted as he was sick from a prolonged illness, and I used to accompany him in all the business dealings and other events.

“Females do not go to cremation grounds.” He softly said.

“I am taking care of your business which is a male dominated one. Please allow me.”

When we both were adamant on our points and could not convince each other, I suggested a middle path, “I will accompany you only up to the main gate of the premises.”

“Agreed.” He said, now more softly.

Unaware of the peace pact between me and my father, our driver parked the car inside the premises as there was no parking space outside. As soon as my father got out of the car, he looked towards me and ordered, “Stay here.” I nodded. This was my first visit to a cremation ground. To my surprise there was nobody except the security guard. There were trees planted in a line, shrubs growing in a cluster and some seasonal plants here and there in the beds. Overall, the greenery was breathtaking. The place was so serene and calm, that one yearned to meditate. Some birds were there, not chirping rather mingling with the quietness of the surroundings. Peacocks were standing under the shade or sitting on the green grass without any fear. They too were on silent mode. Not even a single leaf was moving to make any kind of sound or to create any rustle in the peaceful environment. All living beings were still and silent. I had never experienced such a deep silence.  An engulfing silence!

On that day, I was devoid of any emotion of sadness, grief or pain. If there was a little bit emotion somewhere left in me, it was to take care of my father so that he didn't break down. I saw my father coming back after performing the rituals. I looked towards his face. His face was calm. There was no grief, no disturbance, no sorrow, no agitation rather an immense peace. As if he was taking along some peace strings from the serenity of the environment with him and leaving behind the sadness of the sorrowful past. In my heart, I knew that he was going through one of the toughest phases of his life but not a single tear came out of his eyes. Silently, I admired how strong he was!

While returning home, I was chanting 'Om' without visualizing 'buried Om'. After all we all are mortal beings! 

Pic : Pexels

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