Wednesday, January 4, 2023

My Little Effort to Transform Someone’s Life

Will Mother Divine’s vahana (mount) lion come to shake hands with me on the last day of Sadhana?

This thought came to my mind after reading Sadhvi Vrinda Om’s blog on Sadhana App website where she had mentioned that an owl came to her balcony to kill pigeon on the last day of her Sadhana of Ma Lakhsmi. Seriously speaking, I was sure that a lion could not arrive as I live in a high rise building in a densely populated area. Mostly I had experiences after doing three-four sadhana to the last day of Sadhana. Somewhere in between it can happen anytime; I had to be just watchful. Before reading Sadhavi’s experience, I was totally unaware of the fact that a spiritual experience could take place even in the outside world. I thought that it could be experienced with only closed eyes. This time the Devi I was worshipping did not manifest but I was watchful in my external world that something would happen.

Since the past few days, water from RO water purifier was dripping from the bottom. I kept using it, ignoring the leakage. After two days, it stopped working. I was left with no other option but to call the company to send a repairing mechanic.  

The repairing mechanic instructed, “Madam, send the location of your house and the photo of the product.” I shared the information with him on WhatsApp. When he did not arrive at the appointed time, I called him. “Madam, my mobile is running low on battery, and it could shut down anytime. Please tell me the name of your society and your house number.” I waited and waited for some more time. He arrived 45 minutes late.

He thoroughly checked the parts and told me that all the parts needed to be repaired except the RO motor. I asked him to repair all the parts as I did not have the enough funds to buy a new one for me and it should be repaired immediately as water in my locality was highly polluted. He started changing parts with a lightning speed. He completed it. But there was leakage of water from the filter. He checked it again and did the needful so that it might not leak. Still water was dripping. He was taking more time than usual with the result that my prayer time was delayed. At 8:15 pm, I asked him to wrap everything in the next 15 minutes or come again tomorrow morning.

“I cannot come tomorrow.” He replied. “Tomorrow is my wife’s death anniversary, so I have to do some rituals.” To put a check on my temper I started talking with him. In the conversation, he told me that last year his wife died of cancer within one year of tying the nuptial knot. He took a loan of 30 lakhs to spend on her treatment. Out of which10 lakhs he repaid, and 20 lakhs was remaining. He started earning at a very young age and spent all his savings on his wife’s illness and in helping his in-laws. I paid him a one-month salary as a tip to help him to repay his loan.

I realized that he was tensed, depressed and was surrounded by negative thoughts related to his wife’s illness and death. He had a strange cloud of thoughts that if he got married again his dead wife would haunt him and would spoil his new married life. He stopped the leakage, assembled all RO parts and left my house within the next 15 minutes.

After finishing my prayers around 11:30 pm I checked RO. It was working fine. I went to sleep. At 1:30 am I went to the kitchen to drink water before starting my morning prayers. I was a bit surprised to find that RO water was leaking from the same place.

Next day, when he came, it was my last day of Sadhana. I had prepared prasadam. I offered him ghiya ki kheer. He ate it. Devi, Herself blessed him!

Till he was working on RO, I was working on him. I talked to him for more than an hour, convincing him that he would be married soon, all his miseries would end, and he would be able to live a happy and prosperous life. I tried my best to drag him out of his gloomy past memories. I told him that I could only help the genuine seekers who had prayed to God and cried hard for help. He said, “Yes that is true. I had prayed to every deity, saint and sage I had known.”  

In Ramcharitmanas, Ma Sita prayed to a particular form of Mother Parvati before Swayamvara. Mother blessed her “Sunu Siye satye ashish humari, pujahein man kamna tumari (सुनु सिय सत्य असीस हमारी। पूजिहि मन कामना तुम्हारी॥) Ma Sita was married to Lord Ram. The form of Mother Parvati whom Ma Sita worshipped; I was doing Sadhana of the same deity – Ma Katyayani!

“Soon he will be debt free and married!” I blessed and prayed for that repairing mechanic in my heart. I knew Ma Katyayani had sent him to my house so that I could absorb his pain and could transform his life. Om Swamiji says, “When a sadhak prays with fervor, he/she becomes the divine in that moment.”

Soon after he left my house RO was dripping again, he had to visit my house repeatedly to rectify it. Till now, he had visited my house thrice, but the situation was the same. But I felt that Mother Divine wished that I must bring a change in his life and frequent leakage of RO was just an incident so that he must be given a dose of positivity of my powerful words time after time so that he could breathe properly in a fresh air of happiness.

It was the most beautiful spiritual experience of my life when I wanted to absorb the pain of a person who was suffering for no fault of his own. It was my tiny effort to transform his life.

My feelings are now his healing!

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