Sunday, January 22, 2023

Navarna Mantra Sadhana in Sadhana App

“I want to abandon Navarna Mantra Sadhana in Sadhana App.”

I felt this, after doing the first day Sadhana because nyasa had too many bugs, the voice was not synchronized with the clippings moreover, one of the nyasa was missing from the verbal diction. The voice modulation was not smooth, one line was in high pitch and the next line in low pitch making it very difficult for me to concentrate on the prayers of offerings to the deity. The image of deity was too complicated, I found it hard to focus on that idol. It was not as simple as the image of Lord Ram in Ram Temple (Chitrakoot) or Lord Ganpati in Ganesha Temple (Gajkarne). I was in a dilemma to complete or not to complete this Sadhana.

Next day, I contemplated that whatever problems or difficulties might come in the path of Sadhana I must try my best to complete this Sadhana as the Sadhana of Navarna Mantra becomes very powerful when done in Navratri. To overcome the hurdles on the path of Sadhana, I decided to touch one or the other part of my body while doing nyasa. Even if it was correctly voiced, I could rarely perform it accurately as the act of placing a mantra on different parts of the body was always a complicated procedure for me. To beat the voice modulation problem, I chose to focus on the words and their meanings rather than on its pitch. Further I made up my mind to concentrate on the image of Ma Tripursundari as mentioned by Swamiji instead of that complicated black color idol with gold embellishments.

After deciding to proceed further I started the Day 2 Sadhana in Sadhana App. While chanting Navarna Mantra I realized that my left hand felt a surge of energy. It was moving. My left palm involuntarily twisted and twitched. After a couple of minutes my whole arm from fingertips to shoulder became heavy and numb. To my utmost surprise my right arm was normal, there was no extra flow of energy in it. Why this difference? I recalled that Swamiji had told many times that feminine energy lived on His left side.

Navarna Mantra Sadhana is a very powerful Sadhana in Sadhana App and it is highly recommended for those who are interested in progressing on the path of tantra. Ignore the bugs and experience the flow of feminine energy on the left side of your body with this amazing Sadhana in Om Swamiji’s dynamic voice which alone is capable of removing all flaws.

Pic : Ma Durga Temple (Kadamb Van) in Sadhana App.

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