Wednesday, January 25, 2023

Tantric Mantra of Ma Brahmacharini in Sadhana App

I sensed an acute pain in my lower abdominal muscles.

In the early hours of the second Navratra, while doing chants of Tantric Mantra of Ma Brahmacharini in NavDurga Sadhana in Sadhana App, I felt an involuntary upward movement of my lower abdominal muscles. It was not the first time I was experiencing this. In deep meditation, I had the same feelings earlier also. But this time with more frequency and repetition, holding time was long. Because of continuous contractions of muscles during the chanting, towards the end of the Sadhana my body demanded rest to ease the pain.

Who is a siddha?

The lower abdominal muscles are the most difficult to control and a yogi who has full control over those muscles is a siddha. This can be done by two ways – voluntary control by doing hatha yoga practices and involuntary control by slipping into deep meditation. For voluntary control a beginner is advised to do naukaasana (boat pose) and shirshasana (head pose). When one becomes adept in doing these asanas then exercises along with the breath control are suggested while holding the pose. On mastering these exercises, advance practices are advised. When one has full control on those muscles then one has to take a final exam in the form of Lata Sadhana or Sahjoli Mudra. Anybody who wants to know more can opt for ‘Hatha Yoga Pradipika’ or any other book on advanced yogic practices.

Those who find it difficult to do it this way, can take the other route in which one has to focus on developing divine virtues like love, kindness and compassion. The biggest obstacle in this practice is that one cannot get angry or feel jealous or have any other negative emotion. One single negative feeling and the whole sandcastle crumble down in seconds. Only patience, disciple and persistence with positive approach can reward success.

I am a simple person like all human beings with mixed emotions -positive and negative. Over the years I cultivated sentiments of goodness like truthfulness and kindness. Even after repeated failures, I keep on trying to shed my negative emotions of anger, hatred and jealousy. And with constant practice and consistency I sometimes slipped into deep meditation to experience this unique upward thrust which will one day make me a siddha. Then fragrance will be emanated not only from my body but also from my sweet words!

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Pic : Ma Brahmacharini in Sadhana App

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  1. Jai Sri Hari! Your personal experience of the upward movement during meditation and the explanation of a siddha is insightful. As Lord Krishna said in Bhagavad Gita, "Yoga is the journey of the self, through the self, to the self." Thanks for sharing.