Tuesday, December 6, 2022

Guru Disciple Bond - The Purest of All Bonds

 In continuation of 'My First Spiritual Guru'

“A cyclone! Oh my God!” He stepped back a little as a scary thought arise in his mind.

On seeing so many scorpions hiding in freshly grown weeds adjacent to a water channel on a kachcha road, this thought surfaced his mind as he was about to step on them. This incidence happened when he was on his way to meet his Guru who was staying in his grapes orchid. On reaching there, his Guru inquired, “Kaushal, you got afraid of just tiny scorpions!”

“Ma, Om Swamiji has numerous siddhis. If somebody brought packed gift for Him, He already knew what was in it.” I was narrating incidents related to Om Swamiji to my mother.

“Kaushal chacha ji’s (my mother’s uncle and my maternal grandfather) Guru was also in possession of such siddhis.” She told me. “His Guru could very easily guess whether the steel tiffin box contain kheer or kadhi? Even steel was transparent for him!”

She continued further, “He used to serve his Guru with very much love and care. His Guru asked him to serve his mother like a Goddess and he obeyed his Guru’s command till she died.”

“Ma. Please tell me something more about his Guru.” I requested.

She narrated the scary scorpion incidence when his uncle got frightened on mere sight of a group of scorpions and surprisingly his Guru knew about it who was then a few kilometres away from that site. His Guru could easily sense about his slightest of emotion, how strong their Guru Disciple bond was, moreover, purest of all bonds.

“Like his Guru, my Guru who is kilometres and kilometres away from me also knows about each and every emotion arising in my heart.” I said.

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  1. Any scripture or autobiography addressing Guru-disciple relationship become superhit and bestselling in category. Everyone in their corner of heart wants a guru who can remove the darkness of ignorance and lead to ever present bliss. Thank you for sharing this inspiration. Jai Sri Hari.

  2. Jai Sri Hari! It is true that Guru is the light of knowledge that dispels the darkness of ignorance. Thanks for sharing your views. :) Take care