Monday, December 5, 2022

My First Spiritual Guru

It was a blessing but different!

My nanaji (my maternal grandfather) put his right hand on my head and murmured something, which was inaudible to me although I was standing in front of him just a foot away. I was looking straight in his eyes while my mind was wondering what he was blessing me with. I could not understand. I did not ask. He slowly turned around, strolled towards his room, which was adjacent to drawing room.

A few minutes earlier, my mother, my nanaji and I were standing in the drawing room. Ma, my mother was inquiring about his health as he has returned after a long hospitalization. He said that he was much better now and was able to perform his daily chores in a very slow motion.

My naniji (my maternal grandmother) called my mother. My mother went out of the drawing room towards the kitchen area. My nanaji and I were left alone in the room; he blessed me leaving me somewhat bewildered, as I could not interpret what it was.

Years later, after reading many books on Guru disciple bond and doing various Sadhanas I came to know that he imparted his spiritual wealth to me before leaving this body.

This happened in 1997. For years, I did not share it with anyone. A couple of days back I shared this incidence with my family and now I am sharing it with my blogging family.

To be continued...

Next part is 'Guru Disciple Bond'


  1. Blessed are those who ignited the lamp of liberation even in a single person's heart. Indeed you are carrying his legacy in purest sense by inspiring us for doing the same. Thank you very much! Jai Sri Hari :)

  2. Jai Sri Hari! So true! :) Thank you for your kind words! :)