Sunday, January 3, 2010

New Year Resolution

"My New Year Resolution is to have nuptial ties." Ms. 'S' replied to me. "Next year, her New Year Resolution will be to have a baby." I thought. :-)

Here the point to ponder is when there is so much sorrow, pain, poverty, then how could one be so selfish? Mentally and physically challenged needs our love and affection and care. Ill persons and senior citizens who can't look after themselves, it becomes our obliged duty to take care of them. Even after green revolution, there are a few regions where poor can't afford one time meal. Is it the time to think about just own selfish self or about the ones who are less fortunate?

My New Year Resolution is that I will help everyone through my knowledge of Vastushastra. Vastushastra is an ancient science of Indian architect. With the help of this science, financial problems, health problems and other common problems can be sorted out by making small changes in the house or work place. If anybody needs my help can write to me. I am here to help you all.

What is your New Year Resolution? Please do share.

Happy 2010. :)


  1. Yes please I am definitly the right candidate for experimenting on with your science.. I have financial problems, have common problems in abundance :) so do practise your new years resolution pleaseeeeeeeeeeeeeee...

    My new years as always has been to be a better person, and do better then the gone year in the current year... Learn from the mistakes and try not repeating them (there are loads :) ) again...

    A Very happy new year to you toooo...

  2. will take note & quote you of that..
    but is vastushastra really a science? i cant see logic in it. i for one cant do things which doesnt have proper explanations.

  3. To re-discover I - The child.
    Happy 2010. May peace/happiness stay with You forever for always. Amen.

  4. A reserved chit chatter.......... I like it. :)
    Happy 2010 . :)

  5. Great.

    Happiee New Year !!!

    My New Year Resolution..umm.. to blog Hard, Study Harder !!! ( Hope I do justice wid latter) :D

  6. @ Bikram : Yaeh, I can help you in solving financial and other problems. For that you have to tell in detail or send me map of your house or office (in whatever you are interested in doing changes). Map must indicates the directions. I will suggest some remedies that you can apply.

    Very true, a person must learn from his/ her mistakes. Then only he/ she will be a better person. Great thought, I appreciate that. :)

    Thanks, Bikram. Same to u.

    @ iamyuva : It is science and it is based on the movement of earth's maganetic rays and sun rays. Do u believe in panch tatvas?

    Happy 2010, iamyuva. :)

    @ Hobo ..... ..... ..... Thats a great idea. Each one of us want to do that. :) Once again, Happy and Prosperous New Year. :)

    @ Apanatva : Thanks a lot! :) Same to u. Keep visiting. :)

    @ Tulika : Same to u, Tulika. Its really hard to blog hard and study harder is even more harder. But I am sure u will do the justice with both. :)

  7. good resolutions. and if we can be just a good human being, we will be helping everybody in this world..and I vy for that.

    My best wishes to you !!!

  8. I am looking for job long time. But i cannot succeed in this for a long time.. can u tell me wat should i do

  9. well first of all wishing u a happy new year ,comming to my new year resolution is to get settled in good job this year.

  10. Happy New year!!
    My resolution is a bit selfish; to be happy and not to let negativity touch me.
    Any tips on how to be healthy with vastushastra?

  11. @ Antarman : Thanks a lot, Antarman. One should always try his best to be a good human being. Same to u! :)

    @ Die Hard : Yaeh, there are some remdies for that. Please send the map of your house for good suggestions. Don't worry. You will definitely get some good job soon. Best wishes. :)

    @ T.Hemant Kumar : Thanks! Best wishes from my side for your New Year Resolution. :)

    @ something : I am so sorry as I can't read that script. Happy and Prosperous New Year to you. :)

    @ Bhagyashree : Same to you, Bhagyashree. :) Great resolution. We all have hidden desire to be away from negativity. :)
    There are many tips but the best one is to live in South-west room of the house. Try it if you need more help then please do not hesitate to write to me. :)

  12. No New Year resolutions for me....

    Helping humanity with vastu!!! I have vastu expert in my uncle... He would be happy when he listens to this one.... May God help u achieve this objective....

    Where do u practice from? I mean city?

  13. you have some nice resolutions there. i'm not one for making them... and thank you for your visit!

  14. that's a pretty cool resolution u have there...but i gotta admit i'm one of those selfish kinds!

  15. Resoulutions are risky business ! You have to live up to them or live with guilt !

    Soaking into each moment. That perhaps is worthy of living !

  16. @ Suresh Kumar : Its nice to hear that ur uncle is Vastu expert. Pay my regards to him. Gurgaon and Hisar. Thanks a lot! :)

    @ Shadow : Thanks for ur visit and comment. :)

    @ blunt edges : We need some selfish people to keep a balance in the society. ;-) Thanks!

    @ Sundeep : Thank you, Sundeep. Keep visiting. :)

    @ Kavi : Resolutions are made to break. ;-) I hope I will be helping the humanity with my knowledge and time. I will try my best.

    Thats a great saying. I will only say that there should always be some goals, targets, dreams and resolutions to give a good direction to that enjoying. :) Thanks a million for sharing your valuable views with all of us. Please visit again. :)

  17. That's nice.. May you get fulfilled your promises.

  18. Thanks, Swatantra. May God also fulfill your dreams and goals. Best wishes from my side. :)

  19. may god bless you with all you desire...have a gr8 year ahead

  20. I agree with you that it is time we thought of helping others rather than wish for only personal gains.I do not make formal resolutions but do my bit by donating to eligible charities that take care of destitute children and old people.God Bless.

  21. Thank you for visiting my blog today and leaving me a comment.
    Happy New Year to you too.
    My New Year Resolution to be more more organized!
    I am happy to have a new friend in India.
    Best Wishes from snowy England.

  22. Happy new year and wish your dreams come true. And welcome to my blog.

  23. @ Prajyot : Thanks, Prajyot. :) Hope u also have a wonderful year(s) ahead.

    @Saras : Thanks a lot, Saras for sharing your precious thoughts with us. One should try to help less fortunate by whatever way it is possible; money, time or energy. Please visit again whwnever you find time. :)

    @ Lindsay-ann : Thanks for visiting mine. Same to you dear. :) Nice resolution you have! Well organised life is a way to success. Best wishes. :) My room needs to be more organised. ;-) I am also happy to find a new friend in 2010. :)

  24. @ Jaggu : Same to u, Jaggu. :) Thanks a lot for the invitation. :)

  25. Happy new year

    Nice to know about your new year best wishes with you :), thanks for visit to my blog page and support ...

    my new year resolution is to make others happy and be happy & i'll try new cooking items :), will plant so many rose flowers etc :)

  26. kind of funny new year resolution, thou i dont belive in vastu and stuff, but i dont mind reading about it, atleast there must be some common sense behind it i guess

  27. @ swapnanjali : Same to u, Swapnanjali. Thanks for your wishes, I needed them the most. :)

    Its nice to know that u want to make others and urself happy from aroma of delicious dishes and fragrance of roses. :) Great ideas! :)

    @ Uncommon Sense : Its good that my idea made u laugh as smile is disappearing from the faces. :) Vastu is science. And I think behind science there is always a common sense. :) Thanks for ur genuine views! :)

  28. I was a play by evam called Urban Turban. A lady performed, Shannon McDonnell, told about her and her husband's resolution not to have babies. The reason she presented for that matched exactly with what you have mentioned in the very first paragraph. I was reminded of the wonderful play I watched about a month back.

    I think the resolution you have is not a new year resolution. You must have always had that in mind, just for the sake of this post you have given it a 'new year resolution' perspective. However, it is a good way of asking your readers to go ahead and do something new and reach out to the needy. A thoughtful post I must say.

    Thanks a million for joining my blog. It is nice to have aboard. Keep visiting. Cheers!

  29. Thank you for visiting my site.
    Your writing is humorous and deeply touching.

    Happy new day, Chandrika,

  30. Hey Chandrika .. thank u so much for ur comments at my blog :)

    my resolution is to finish the book i am writing :)

    PS: keep in touch :)

  31. I didn't make a resolution this year but I agree with your post.

    Happy New Year :)

  32. Is Vastushastra similar or comparable to Feng Shui?
    By the way, I used to lay Tarot cards about 20 years ago, still have my four sets, but hardly ever use them anymore.
    My New Year started like shit, so I did not make any resolutions (that eventially get broken).
    I have wishes though. One of them is, that peoples in our world learn to get along better. I know that sounds very general, but I am sick and tired of all the continuous wars in the Middle East and also in Africa.
    I am tempted to e-mail you a sketch of my house and studio, but I have the feeling that my present disarrayed state can only be fixed by pulling my own neck out of the barrel which imprisons me lately.
    For you, I wish you all the best for the New Year and the next decade. May you prosper in ways that will make you content, if not even happy!

  33. An excerpt from my memoirs.(Being different)

    Prior to leaving the British Royal Navy in June 1966, I had a medical examination and was pronounced fit.
    After scrutinising my documents and other things, the examining doctor said, "It seems you are unique. At forty years of age, you have all your teeth. Now that is good! In addition, you have never grown a beard, have no tattoos, and have never caught Carnal Catarrh. Well! now what sort of sailor were you?"
    I replied.
    "Well Doc, I guess I was intelligent enough to not become case hardened like others. Very different, in fact".

  34. But Chandrika in small flats, v don't have a choice but to stay in the existing room, south west or not, in such cases what is the remedy

  35. @ Vittaldas Prabhu : Urban Turban is a humorous play. Shannon McDonnell character depicts what youth is thinking right now.

    Are u a face reader? Oho..sorry Are u a screen reader? :-D

    A carload of thanks for visitng my blog, sharing ur wonderful experience and on becoming my blog buddy! :) Whenever u have time please visit again.

    @ Dianne : Thanks a lot, Dianne for ur visit, praises and comment. Same to u, dear. :)

    @ Chhaya : Best wishes for ur book. Hope it become the most popular book in the world. :)

    @ Anny : Thanks Anny for becoming my blog buddy and ur appreciation. :) Keep visiting. :)

    @ Zee : Vastushastra is Indian science whereas Feng Shui is Chinese. They are almost similar. I also have Tarot cards, I spread them whenever I find time to understand what they are trying to say. :)

    Nice wishes u have! Sometimes bad things do happen. But good is just behind it which we can't see, right now. Wait, something good will definitely going to happen soon. :)

    Thanks a million for your wishes and blessings!
    Please do send the sketch of ur house and studio if u need any Vastu help.

    @ Vest : U are different, no doubt. Everybody is making resolutions or thinking about the future but u r sharing ur past experiences. :)

    It was a lovely incidence!

    We all here love to read ur experiences and insights. So please keep sharing it with us. :)

    Happy 2010!

    @ Bhagyashree : In that case u can shift the direction of the bed towards south or west preferably in south west. If u want to know anything else, please write. :)

  36. My 2004 new year resolution is to never make a new year resolution again in life and i keep it up year till date for 6 years.

  37. @ Known Stranger : What a nice resolution u have to share with us. :) Keep visiting. :)