Wednesday, December 16, 2009

Creepy or cute creature

"I can't do the cleaning in that room.", maid servant with a touch of fear in her voice told me.
"Why? What happened?", I asked curiously.
"There is an animal. Come and see it yourself."
She led me to the room. Sea green curtains and the bed cover weaved with light brown and sea green colored threads were making the color scheme of room quite monotonous. A big lizard with a blend of light and dark shades of green was lying on bed. Oh! It was gecko who was perfectly blending with the surrounding colors. On seeing the horrible animal lying so calmly, I couldn't stop smiling. It was just a poor imitation of a lizard.
"This one." I pointed.
"Yes, I am scared of such animals."
"It is not an animal but a toy made of rubber." I picked up that object and squeezed it a little to convince her.
"NO.No.Put it down." Now, horror could be clearly seen on her face. "I am afraid of such creatures."
"This is a toy and not a reptile who will bite you. See." I squeezed it more and then hold it from its tail and swung it.
"Ah...!" she screamed and stepped back a little."
"It's too scary, hide it otherwise I won't work." Failed to persuade her, I placed it on the window sill behind the sea green curtains. For normalization of work, gecko went into hibernation, I thought. And she - Out of sight out of mind.

Is this creature so creepy or so cute to be played with?


  1. This reminds me of a time that I chased my mom with a rubber snake. She had a fear of rubber snakes.

    That is a very interesting picture of the animal.

    Kindest regards,
    Tom Bailey

  2. That it is just a toy, maybe I can touch it. Otherwise Iam dead scared of lizards

  3. Uh...oh. Post about lizzy dear. Touching one is not interesting but most Indian homes have couple of lizzy families living with them.

  4. LOL


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  5. LOL ...

    Interesting. :D

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    You are welcome. :)

  6. Hi Friend..Thanks for visiting my blog and posting ur valuable comments..Keep in touch..

  7. only some time.. The creature is funny.. I don think its scaring..

  8. even it is a toy or a real one.. i dont like them.. i have fear of lizards.. I donno why but they r so irritative.....

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  10. Nice Blog.. Pl do visit my blog..

  11. Trust me Chandrika, Even the bravest are scared of Lizards!lol

  12. @ Tom Bailey : Your visiting my blog, reading them and commenting is much faster than the speed of light. :)

    Mom must be pretending to have a fear of snakes to please her son. :) Such are mothers - loving and caring.

    I have a creamish brown snake which is made of wooden pieces, neatly joined together with strings. It is finely carved and minutely painted. It's body can be twisted as that of snake. It looks real.
    Tommorow I will place it the room to see the reaction of the maid. She will definitely run away. :-D Then I will not find any time for blogging as I will be doing the household chores. :)

    Thanks a lot for appreciating gecko pic. Keep visiting.

    @ The Holy Lama : Yaeh, this is just a toy. U can play with it if you have the courage to do so. :)

    @ Crazy Four : Thanks for commenting on lizzy dear. :) In India, I have never seen a gecko in a house or forest.

    @ Tulika : Thanks a million for praising my writings.

    @ Tulika : Thanks again for your compliments.
    Visit again.

    @ Sun : Hi friend..Thanks for visiting mine..and commmenting...:)

    @ Sun : Its goood to hear if you find this creature funny. Thanx! :)

    @ Suree : Some people does not like lizards. Thanks for expressing your genuine comments. :)

    @ Die Hard : Yaeh sure, why not? :)

    @ Die Hard : How many blogs and user names do you have? Infinite. :-D

    @ Saraswathan : I can eat lizard but only veggie as I am vegetarian. lol

  13. Hey Chandrika!! Youve got a very interesting blog, liked your post..the creature might be innocent but scares the devil outa everyone lol!!You were actually a superwoman for your maid!!!

  14. uh ok, sorry, but I don't think it's cute... it's a bit scary, though I know it's a toy. Some toys are just not cute!


  15. wonder why the toy industry comes up with such stuff. to get kids get over their fear of it? or create a love and fascination for all creatures?
    btw, to whom did the protagonist :-))in your post belong? what's the owner's relationship with the toy?

  16. @ A New Beginning : Hey! Thanks a lot for appreciating my blog and post. Indeed a superwoman who can write about the scary creature!!! lol

    @ Die Hard : You are always welcome! :)

    @ Emily : Thanks Emily, for your genuine views. :)

    @ Toothfairy : Its just a person's own views whether one likes the toy or not. Thanks! :)

    @ kochuthresiamma p.j : Toy industries manufactures such creatures as they sell out more, to scare others.:) Seriously, they are created so that each one can realise their importance as they clean our environment by eating insects including mosquitoes.

    That belongs to the youngest member of my family. :)

  17. Chandrika I voted creepy.

    Renee xoxo

  18. Even inanimate objects can strike fear into, some people, particularly if seen close to its natural habitat.
    There is a large blue tongue lizard (frightening to children) which has tunnelled a home under the concrete slab of our garden shed and which I feed occasionally, but no touching, maybe it is equally frightened of all humans, being it is part of the local food chain of Australian Aborigines.

  19. @ Renee : Thanks for your valuable vote. :)

    @ Vest : Information and experience regarding a blue tongue lizard is quite interesting. I would be glad if u also share what that little creature like to eat? Thanks Vest!:) Keep visiting and sharing valuable thoughts.

  20. Chandrika please come back and comment on my blog! Are you from India? if so what holidays are celebrated there this season? Do you know? please come by and tell us. Also please come by and Comment on the Christmas and New years blog entries.thanks!

  21. I think I prefer the real lizard but it is a fascinating toy!@

  22. one of those subjective things in life i guess..
    to me its so cute to be played to crapeee others..;)

  23. @ natalie : Yaeh sure. I will definitely visit your kool blog again. :) Ya, I am from India. On 13th Jan, Lohri is celebrated and on 14th Jan Makar Sakranti. At the time of Lohri celebration, people gathered around fire and worship it, distribute sweets and groundnuts. On Makar Sakranti, the sweets, pulses and groundnuts are distributed to poor andd needy. Thanks for your valuable comments. :)

    @ natalie : Thanks for appreciating the toy, natalie! :)

    @ iamyuva : Great! Scared those, who feel toy is creepy. ;-)Thanks, iamyuva

  24. I enjoy the slice of life you share. (Personally, I like lizards. Alive or plastic.)

  25. Great to know that you like lizards! Thanks a lot, altadenahiker.

  26. Toy or not, I rather love lizards as long as, of course, their not in my soup or hair! Nice story!

  27. Lol. I love lizards as long as they are toy or on screen. :) Thank you very, very much. :) Please visit here as often as you can.

  28. Some people I know simply freezes as soon as they see something like this :)

  29. I tell you, that looks real. And it does look a bit freaky, IF it were real.

    As for the maid, she was just too innocent or dumb or scared to realise its a harmless toy.

  30. @ sandeep : My maid is one of them. :) Thanx!

    @ Iceman : Maid's innocence made this story a humorous one. Thanks a lot! :)

  31. Depends - I love to play keeping my finger inside dogs mouth touching its projecting tounge , it is fun and adventures . do you like to play the cute game ?!

  32. yeeeeeeeeeewwwwwwwww! i would have become hysterical first, cried, sobbed, screamed... i am totally senseless when i see these creatures. real or otherwise.