Saturday, October 25, 2014

Things that I want to do!

"You know painting, embroidery, cooking, stitching, yoga, vasushastra, astrology and many more things. You have tried everything!" Mr. 'Y' said to me.
"Nah Nah!" I could only utter hearing my praise.
"Then prepare a list of things you have not done till now."
"I have not tried two things yet. One is have not prepared cow dung cakes and other is that I have not flied an aircraft."


  1. Can't help with the cakes but perhaps is a flying club somewhere where you are ? Some people chip in a bit of money and maintain an aeroplane and so can use it for pleasure or for visiting places. You could get a lift, and perhaps use the controls in midair. If you trust flying tin cans ...
    Cool new avatar.

  2. Flying in air with control in my hands in on my top list! :)