Tuesday, March 23, 2010

Chemistry between husband and wife

“Half kg refined oil.” A lady read out from the list of items written on a paper in her hand. She was purchasing monthly ration from a reputed store in a town. “Is it good?” She said looking doubtfully at the colourful packet handed over by the shopkeeper. “It is of the best quality.” Shopkeeper tried to convince her. She turned around and gave a confused look to her husband who was sitting behind on a chair. He beamed. He came close to her and softly took the list from her hand and started ordering the items from the list.

Is husband loving and caring or wife too much dependent on him who can’t even buy daily household items?


  1. well,well...there could be anything..the wife could be new to the city and the store...the could be really confused and didn't know what to do..the husband is a pro in doing this shopping...and may be the chemistry between them is such that these can't go a step forward without each other ;)


  2. whatever it is it shouldnt matter

  3. Maybe she's never had to do any grocery shopping before.

  4. How come half kg refined oil suffices for a month ? :-)

    Maybe that's why she is looking at him confused . (She knows the amount is impractical)

    And why is the husband sitting on a chair beaming ? In a grocery shop ? methinks he needs to stand next to her holding bags.

  5. Here she seems more confused...and in dire need of help..if only to second her choice..the husband is all the more happy...'You need me for everything' type!

  6. I think same as Varh, husband is happy to be the one to rescue her when she seems unable to cope. Might work well for them.

  7. Since he was around, she asked him for an opinion. Nothing more to it, I guess :)

  8. The husband might have done this as the list would have been long to waste time arguing for a single item :)

    anyways that was quite an interesting post yaar ,had fun commenting on it ,u have a new follower..:)

    keep blogging
    cheers !!!

  9. her husband may be wiser then the wife so he decided to be the one to order form their list.

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  10. I agree to uncommon sense....and if anything hisband knows better then there is no harm to listen..whenevr I shop, I only choose, rest..quality and cost, both are my hubby's department, as he knows better than me:)

  11. Dont think any husband will sit beaming when wife does grocery shopping !!! LOL !!!

    The moment I enter the shop and pull a trolley and take that list, my husband asks - are you done ? Lets go home !!! So much for driving all the way to the shop !!! He is totally impatient.

    The man you saw must be out from the books of a perfect husband, from the wife's eye. LOL !!!

  12. Hmmn... i dunno... i'm bit confused???? i think the husband is lacking trust to his wife and the wife just continue to tolerate such act... hhhmmn... whatever!!!:3

    Good day!!!:)



  13. they probably do this to each other all the time--no big deal. part of the husband/wife symmetry. thank you for your comments on my blog.


  14. Na.. its just from ways i have seen a few families... men mostly do shopping.. coming back from work or going out.. SO maybe the wife went first time ...

    and in a relation its nothing like dependant etc.. its basically who is doing what :)

    and i am sure the husband LOVES the lady :) he did SMILE ....

  15. Chandrika,

    Read all current posts. Enjoyed all, specially about Tenants and Don't Panic. Camels can live near beaches easily. On this one, one could take any meaning of this setting - she is not used to household chores, he is loving and caring, he is so dominant that she is scared to take any decision etc etc. Good food for thought.

    Take care

  16. Of course, we don't really know BUT, hubby does APPEAR rather "patronising."

  17. perhaps she gave him that look, "I dont want to deal with this shopkeeper. Come and take care of this"
    I know I used to do that ;-)

  18. hmm..to me seems unable to make any decisions..and the husband seems to be waiting with a smirk on his face..'She can't do anything without me'..and needs to prove it constantly..

  19. well.. wife.. is a women.. so no one can know..
    poor husband is trying is best..

  20. half kg oil for a month doesnt make sense. i am sure, she is confused.

    But talking about the quality...is again a bit confusing. She might be thinking, this "best quality of 1/2 kg refined may last for a month."

    women...u see..!!

  21. Seems to be highly refined stage that requires some oiling !


  22. Me thinks the hubby is helping out!

  23. Poor chap is avoiding future conflict / World War III (at home) as I do.

  24. Quite an interesting scenario. Many have voiced their take on what must actually be happening there.

    For a married couple, no decision in life can be made single-handedly and that could be even purchasing that oil inside a colourful packet. So, this can be mistaken as being dependent on each other. But it is not so. It is actually being prudent and responsible. What you think is correct may not sit well with the other. So it is always good to be safe and ask before committing to a decision. Also, there is another factor her where the one being asked holds the responsibility to ease the tension and be considerate, and I think that is what the husband in this scenario did.

  25. Qty of oil is not important.The concern of both for each other was.

  26. I guess she was aksing his opinion.
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  27. half a litre of oil is hardly reason enough for us to think so much...it really does not matter..and the truth is as long as people are smiling there should not be anything to worry about , haina ??

  28. i think one was bit confused and the other helped.. thats how i'd look at it.. to find out the rest, this single incident isn't enough i guess :)
    i like your posts.. truly.. short.. easy..!

  29. i don't know if you are aware of the lovable sales that used to happen long ago, in exhibition halls. i was in college and my sis & i went to one. the first and last time -- the wife held up a piece of lingerie and asked her husband if it would be right. that was the ultimate. we screeched and screamed and laughed and ran out :) that's dependency. this is consultation :)

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  31. interesting take on the context ..

  32. I think it of a team work of couple planning which brand to buy :)