Wednesday, August 11, 2010

Strange house

Oh My! What a strange house is this! Not a single piece of furniture or decorative item in the drawing room and the adjacent L shaped dinning room. As I entered the house of a client, I was not only surprised but rather shocked. I took a few steps and sighed, at least a well equipped kitchen with all modern electrical gadgets was there.

The hostess was a young lady in her mid thirties who asked me to follow her towards the other end of the house. While passing through a narrow passage, I noticed, the two bedrooms were also empty. On reaching in the third one my shock took the shape of confusion. There was only one double bed on which a senior citizen was lying and viewing a plasma TV on wall. A window ac was throwing cool air which seemed hot to me.

They both reside in that house, now can you guess what is the relationship between the two?


  1. I would guess, Father and Daughter

  2. quite intriguing..father and daughter?

  3. strange times, stranger relationships.
    father daughter on same bed seems unlikely.

  4. senior citizen with caretaker nurse/daughter who looks in everyday....

  5. She could be the Nurse.. or a help.. she did not say she stayed in the same house...
    could be a daughter who comes in morning to help her dad and leave at night...

    You got to Tell us what the ACTUALITY was Please :)

  6. Chandrika,

    Read all 4 previous pending posts and left comment on each.

    She is likely beneficiary of his assets and waiting for her time.

    Take care

  7. humm....A care taker of senior citizen . But it is difficult to guess.

  8. I like this idea of an house.
    I do not know what "senior citizen" means, but can not see why they should be related or why she should be a caretaker of any kind. Or how large the house is.
    A woman in her midthirties and a man who is older. Lovers.

  9. I wud love to get the ans from you...
    there millions in America living like that...with no clue of any kind of relationships??
    no one probes in anyone's personal affairs to offend them..
    so left with guesses..only..

  10. hmmmm interesting

    could be a friend/nurse who doesn't live there
    could be the doctor

    unlikely, but she could be his wife/mistress/lover

  11. umm..guess am more intrigued by...Client..Hostess...job in third bedroom..What did they want from YOU ?

  12. nurse..while are kids longway away creating wealth../

  13. is it only me or this posts's haunted?

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  15. Hey guys, there was only the "senior citizen", which may be her mother too! I dono, how can we assume the kind of relationships without even confidently knowing the full facts. Now, its upto chandrika to let us all know the answer!
    What i mean to include is: Mom-Daughter

    What do u think guys??

  16. @ everyone : The answer is 'SHE was his mistress.'