Friday, September 10, 2010

Who was at fault?

“You cheated me.” Wife shouted.
“You spied me.” Husband shouted.

Who was at fault, husband or wife?


  1. interesting!!! i think this is similar to the cock and egg story. I think both are guilty, though the cheater has more of the fault...

  2. cheated on what .. that wud put things in perspective ..

    If it is he cheated ON her then definitely the husband is wrong, no matter what .. marriage no one shud be cheating ..

    SO till i know whats the cheating on cant say anything :)

  3. none. the only reason was both were incompatible..
    also there is a post in my blog awaiting ur comment :)

  4. Husband, hands down. If he wasn't cheating, the wife wouldn't have spied, isn't it?

    Joy always,

  5. Well I think spying is not a worst crime compared to cheating. The one who cheated is at fault:).

  6. husbands and I don't say this because I am a woman but because there is no excuse for cheating. If the wife cheated and the husband spied, that would be fine too :-)

  7. Definitely the husband is the one at fault!

  8. Both as the fact is that there seems to be a lack of trust

  9. hi! Chandrika! Please come and your friends too to visit me at Lurkynat and leave comments..
    Chandrika, this is an interesting topic! Your last reader had so much wisdom in what he said ..for when a couple forgets their duty to love and honor one another, what else can be done/ It must be repaired!
    hugs, natalie

  10. cheating created suspension which caused spying.. so its obvious.. rootcause/hube is at fault