Tuesday, June 5, 2012

Back ache

"I am utterly disappointed to see your blog as you have written only a few posts in the past month while I was away on vacation." Mrs. 'G' said.
"I am having severe back ache. The doctor advise me to slash my reading as well as writing hours. I haven't read my blogger friend's blog from a very long time just because of the same reason." I replied..

What can I do so that I can read and write like before?


  1. Chandrika,

    Follow doctor's advice and get well soon to be back here like before.

    Take care

  2. Tell you what.
    Get a nice comfortable recliner available at any high end furniture shops.

  3. Sitting at the desk for long hours is dangerous for the back.
    Echoing BK Chowla: Get a real good chair with lumbar support - and USE it - what means: Sit right.
    Or, (until the injections work) lie down flat on your spine (legs on stool) and use a laptop or one of these modern smaller thingies - so you can at least read; using a keyboard is nonsense in this position.