Tuesday, August 27, 2013

Worry about my marriage????

“Can I talk to Chandrika?” The voice from other side asked.
“Yes, speaking!” I replied.
“Myself ………., your college time friend.” She said. “Wow! We are talking after 8 long years."
“Hmmm…….” I could only utter although once she was my best friend. But she cheated me just for a job as my merit was better.
“Where are you these days?” She asked excitedly.
“In Gurgaon.” I replied as coldly as possible.
“I am also working in Gurgaon and staying at Delhi with my husband and son. How many kids do you have?”
“I am single.”
“Do you know how I get married?”
“No” I was not at all interested in hearing her story yet she was keenly interested in telling.
“My brother came to know about Mr. ‘G” who was a lawyer by profession and had a hobby to help others. My brother told him about me. He expressed his worries that despite my educational qualifications, my richness and my beautiful figure I was not getting married. Mr. ‘G’ asked him to bring my nighty that I wore previous night without washing. Next time when my brother visited him, after smelling my nighty Mr. ‘G’ said that in my childhood days, my friend’s mother out of jealousy for me as I stood first in my class and her daughter could not beat me, gave me something wrong to eat whose side effects were resulting in my late marriage. Surprisingly he even correctly told the name of my that school time friend.”
“Hmm..” I was feeling bored of all these cooked up stories.
“Mr. ‘G’ told me do some prayers and charged me Rs. 7000/-. He correctly told the time of my marriage to be held. And I got married exactly on that date. Are you listening?”
“Recently he told me that I will buy a house. Although I had no money still because of his blessings and prayers I bought a house in Faridabad. You must also visit him once for your marriage.”

Do you think she has become an agent of Mr. ‘G’ or she is really feeling concerned for me?


  1. I do feel that she was concerned about your marriage. As told that she once cheated you, may be that was at the back of her mind when she 'thought' that her marriage was 'arranged' by Mr G. I am of the opinion that anyone can dodge anyone & everyone but can't dodge his/her inner self.

  2. Shoot your best friend...just kidding.

  3. I think she's a bid mad - and working for "Mr. G.". I doubt that she's is concerned about anybody else but herself.

  4. Chandrika,

    You were wise to give her cold shoulder. There are some astrologers who do predict almost right but most tell things only to please the client. Marriage is a personal choice and one should never probe other why etc.

    Take care