Tuesday, September 3, 2013

Pigeon in shaft!

I heard the fluttering of wings on the window pane as I entered my toilet to wash my face after returning from work. When I looked closely to the window pane which opens in shaft in which various pipes were constructed, I saw a pigeon. How it reached there? I opened the window of shaft as well as the window of the toilet that opened outside and then closed the door of toilet so that it could flew away. After one hour I came to check again. Alas it was sitting there in the shaft! May be it was too tired, must had been caught there from many hours. I put some grains on the shaft's window sill, on the slab and window sill that opens outside. I thought it was hungry might move out while eating grains. But when I returned again after some hours it was sitting there. It hadn't moved a bit. I took a stick and pushed a little so that it might flew and get out of this trap. It didn't move. Might be hell tired of hitting against the window pane.

What should I do so that it be free from this shaft? 


  1. Put on gloves, grab the bird, and put it out of the window.

  2. I tingled it with broom and it flew away. :)

  3. Chandrika,

    I am sure there must be opening at top of the shaft from where it enter but could not find way back. Saving life is a good gesture by you.

    Take care

    PS : Read all current posts and left my comments on each.