Monday, November 25, 2013

Network problem!

"It is my wrong decision to shift to Gurgaon from Bhiwadi. It is tiresome to go to Bhiwadi daily." A businessman complained.
"You can operate your business on phone and internet." I suggested.
"I can't do my business on phone while sitting in Gurgaon as most of my business clients are based in Bhiwadi. Even if I start journey early in the morning to avoid traffic jam, there can be traffic jam for kilometers long at any time, at any place on NH 8! It is so unpredictable!!"
"You can utilize your time in traffic." 
"Most of the time I am busy with phone calls. But one can't even do that properly as there is so much network problem on this route. In one hour journey the phone will disconnect atleast ten times. After crossing Hero Chowk and before reaching toll tax there is no network, near Rampura village there is network problem, after crossing IMT Manesar Chowk there is again network problem.................. "
"I haven't done that much research." I said as I also travel frequently on the same route. "If call gets disconnected I call again as soon as the signals appear."
"Disconnection of phone again and again is very irritating." He complained again.
"There is network problem while talking with human beings but no network problem while talking to God!" :)


  1. Do you think so ? As far as I'm concerned the deity does not seem to care to listen ...possibly drunk. Again.

  2. Everybody has his/ her own perception of GOD!