Thursday, January 1, 2015

Happy 2015! :)

I always wonder why some people drink on the arrival of New Year? And I always ponder why can't they donate money and help the underprivileged to improve their way of life? And it always pinches me deep that most of the people spend their time in pubs rather than teaching a skill to a poor? This is our society. So, we all together have to improve it.

Happy and prosperous New Year to all of my readers! :)


  1. I'm a bit late, dear Chandrika, but please accept my best wishes for the new year - even when it is already six days old. Tomorrow the country will be re-opened, it's officially restarted from the vacancy. Yes, happy and - for a change - prosperous would be nice !

  2. :D Good wishes are never late! Enjoy working! :)