Sunday, November 13, 2016

The smallest gesture that mean a lot to me!

In the month of August, it was raining and raining in Uttarkashi. It rained all the time. Most of the time, it's drizzling, sometime it's raining lightly and rarely it's raining cats and dogs. There were five - six green colour three sitter cemented benches by the Bhagirati river side in the ashram garden on which most of the students sit in their free time to read, to meditate or to watch the swift flow of river. I also loved to sit on them but my reason was to get some fresh air as I found my room congested. My room was a very small room and four people accommodated in it. Moreover, my room-mates wanted to keep the windows closed and curtains drawn all the time which make the room dark and suffocated. I felt uncomfortable to sit or read in the room.

One day, I took my book and went near the benches to sit, to read and to enjoy. All the benches were full except one on which Mr. 'G' was sitting on one side. I sat on the other side of the bench. As soon as I sat than I got up with a jerk. Even Mr. 'G' was surprised with my sudden reaction.
He asked, "What happened?"
I made my face as I couldn't find the right words to express the situation. He spread his long arm where I was sitting a few moments before to find out the reason. He stretched his fingers further on the bench and touched the water which have gathered there because of drizzling in the early morning.
He said, "Oh it is water!" And shifted towards the water side making space for me on the bench where it was dry.
I sat on the bench and said, "Thanks!"
This simple gesture of his goodwill touched my heart.

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