Wednesday, December 7, 2016

Vote for Mr. Modi!

Twelve years back
"Whom will you give the vote to?" A shop owner asked a client who was a labourer.
"Who ever gives me money, I will vote for him!" The labour replied.

"Did you get the money from ATM?" A shop owner  asked a client who was a labourer.
"I stood in the queue of ATM thrice but couldn't get the money." The labourer replied.
To tease him the shop owner asked, "Will you give the vote to Mr. Modi in the next election?"
"I will give vote to Mr. Modi only. I will surely give vote to Mr. Modi. I am 100 percent sure that I will vote for him only and will not change my opinion."

I felt a very positive change in our society that an illiterate person has formed his opinion about whom to give vote in the next election and now his vote is no more saleable for the sake of money. He can decide who is a better PM for India! :)

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