Wednesday, August 15, 2018

Book Review : What Will People Think? By Rashi Dubey

So, I have one more book in my collection signed by author. This time it is What Will People Think? by Rashi Dubey.

On seeing the cover page of What Will People Think?, my first thought was that it must be a self help book. But when I opened it, I found that it is full of imagination as it is a novella. As the name suggested, the story line of this novella is about to overcome the fear of ‘what will people think’ and to follow one’s dreams ignoring the gossip of the society. As success, closes all mouths! Isn’t it?

The story revolved around a girl Riya who loved to paint but her parents did not understand her dreams and forced her to take an attractive career like medical side. Her parents were extremely supportive to her brother and showed gender inequality towards her. She tried her best to convince them but all in vain. She took a strong decision to follow her dreams. She rebelled. She left home.

After leaving home and hometown, she faced many problems. She found supportive friends who helped her to grow in career as well as emotionally. However, she terribly missed her family. One day, she met a widower who is a doctor by profession but had keen interest in art. Love bloomed between them and they got married. On knowing that her parents were in trouble, she rushed to help them. In the end, her husband surprised readers by taking a bold decision which overcome Riya’s parents fear ‘Log kya kahenge’ forever.

The story is simple without much twists and turns. The story is neat and clean which can be read and enjoyed with the family. It is gripping as I finished it in just three hours. The characters are well defined and plot is easy to comprehend.  

Some quotes from the book which I liked

1.      The main motto of  this family was to stand by each other at all times and be a single unit against the pitfalls of the society.

2.      Negative people will continue to make you feel small and less but these will be the people who will cheerfully encourage you when you continue growing in your life in a positive way. This is irony of life.

3.      It is strange how people who are not your family could at times understands you much better than your close family members. May be that’s the thing about having friends.

The author is a software engineer by profession but she loves to write. This is her second book. Her first book is The Heart Affair : A short story. She blogs at She can be contacted at Her Facebook page is

Grab your copy now! :)


  1. Thank you Chandrika for a wonderful review. I am glad you liked my book :D

  2. Thanks to you as well for writing such a nice book! :)