Tuesday, August 6, 2019

Children Story Book Review : Likes and Dislikes by Arundhati Nithiyanandhan

Reading level: 1 - 12 years
Paperback: 26 pages
Publisher: White Falcon Publishing
Published On: 24 October 2018
Language: English
Price: 199/-

Every person has his/her own likes and dislikes about various things. Likes and dislikes are about our five senses. Five senses are see, smell, taste, hear and touch which we feel with five sense of organs are eyes, nose, tongue, ears and skin respectively. With eyes, we see beautiful and pleasing things and situations. With nose, we smell aromatic fragrances. With tongue, we taste delicious dishes. With ears, we hear pleasing sounds. With skin, we feel soft textures. 

Likes and Dislikes is a story about two friends who talked about their likes and dislikes while playing in the terrace. They discussed about what they love and hate to see, hear, taste, smell and touch. The author explained the concept very clearly with the contrasting options for each sense. The story is lucid and interesting. It is full of cute and colourful illustrations. 

At the end of the book, the author asked about one’s likes so here are mine....


1.      I like to see clouds.

2.      I like blue colour.

3.      I like bird watching.


1.      I like the fragrance of flowers especially motia flower.

2.      I like the aroma of cooked dishes.

3.      I like the smell of first rain on the sand.


1.      I like the chole bhature.

2.      I like lemon pickle.

3.      I like juice of neem leaves though bitter in taste but still I enjoy drinking it.


1.      I like the burbling sound of the stream.

2.      I like sound of a temple bell.

3.      I like the sound of a flute.


1.      I like to touch rabbit.

2.      I like the touch of bird’s feather.

3.      I like the feel of velvet cloth.

Author is seven years old and lives in Bangalore, India. She has authored two more books namely ‘Lost and Found’ and ‘Aru’s Balcony Garden’. She loves to play in the sand. Her hobby is to paint colour sketches. She creates stories from her day-to-day incidents. She loves telling new stories to her father while they both go for a walk in the evening. She loves travelling.
Highly recommended for the children who wish to learn about five senses. :)

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