Friday, August 16, 2019

Children Story Book Review : Lost and Found by Arundhati Nithiyanandhan

Reading level: 1 - 12 years
Paperback: 26 pages
Publisher: White Falcon Publishing
Published On: 24 October 2018
Language: English
Price: 199/-

Osito is Arundhati's favourite soft toy. It is white colour teddy bear. It is also one of her constant companions when she goes on vacation with her family. Both have travelled many places in India and abroad. They have been to Melbourne, Singapore, Shimla, Bekal and Udaipur. During her vacation trips, she has inadvertently misplaced it and later found it, much to her relief! This story is about one such incident that happened in Udaipur Lake Palace and how she finds her favourite travel buddy back.

In the summer holidays, Aru went to spend her vacations in a resort along with her mother. She packed her clothes, shoes and her favourite travel friend ‘Osito’, a teddy bear soft toy. She enjoyed the company of Osito very much and loved to see different places with it. One fine evening, she realised that she has lost the toy somewhere in the resort. She started crying. Her mother asked her to think where she saw Osito last time. She recalled that she forget it in the playroom. The next day, she ran to the playroom to find Osito. She was glad to see Osito near the table where she left it yesterday. She picked it. She hugged it. She promised to herself that she would never lose it again.

When I was author’s age, I loved to play with toys. I had lots of toys like block building, puzzle solving, word making, snake and ladder, chess, colourful vegetables and fruits made up of clay, different miniature animals, a bird that lays eggs, kitchen utensils and cooking range and many more. Out of these, my favourite toy was a working miniature sewing machine whose needle moves up and down on moving its handle. Whenever I started playing I checked and counted all the pieces of my game and after playing game I checked them again before putting them in the bag. This double check policy had helped me a lot and I never lost any of my toys anywhere.

One day, I was playing with my toys at my grandmother’s house. My parents left me there and went to the market for shopping as market was close to my grandmother’s house than to ours. They told me that they would return after two hours. Hardly, half an hour had passed then my parents returned. They asked me to wind up playing and came along them. They told me that they had some urgent work to do at home so we all would be leaving right now without wasting a second. I hurriedly packed my toys. And I forgot to count them before packing.

Next day, when I was playing with the same set of toys I realised that my sewing machine toy is missing. I was very sad as I liked that toy very much. In the evening, I went to my grandmother’s house with my parents. I gloomily told my grandmother about the toy I lost last evening. She patiently listened to me and then asked me to open the drawer of the table near her bed. On opening it, I was surprised to see my sewing machine in it. I picked it up and gladly thanked my grandmother. I gave lots of toys out of my collection to my younger cousins but even now I have that sewing machine toy with me in remembrance of my grandmother. Later my passion developed into my career as I did M.Sc. in Clothing and Textiles and taught Fashion Designing in a reputed college of the town.

Arundhati Nithiyanandhan is seven years old and lives in Bangalore, India. At such a young age she has authored two more books namely ‘Likes and Dislikes’ and ‘Aru’s Balcony Garden’. She loves to play in the sand. Her hobby is to paint colour sketches. She creates stories from her day-to-day incidents. She loves telling new stories to her father while they both go for a walk in the evening.

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