Tuesday, June 1, 2010


On a social networking site, the profile photo of a surgeon showed his head covered with cap, mouth and nose with mask. The spectacles hid his eyes to some extent. It seemed that this photo was taken just before entering the operation theatre. :-D

On social networking site, in a profile photo one should be dressed up informally or formally according to one’s profession?


  1. Good question shubham.. are we on a networking site.. ?

  2. for the sake of us having a good laugh, let them all dress up according to their jobs :P

  3. the best would be to have the pic of the patient.. to see if he.she survived.. at least we will know how good or bad the surgeon is :)

  4. On second thought I cant put my pic in my uniform its NOT ALLOWEd so what do I do ... hence i got a pic of me with aBEER in hand cheers :) he hehe e

  5. One should dress up in a fantasy style. I appear on mine, in a 9 yard saree, flying on a broom, with a rolling pin raised high...:-).

  6. Anything is ok! It should look good for me! :P

  7. it should be something that either shows your looks or personality...or something whacky..and "surgeon thing" is whacky...

  8. Chandrika,

    Is it necessary for a surgeon to prove that he is one by posting such photograph? If you are trying to reach out by posting your photograph why should you camouflage your face?

    Take care

  9. A profile pic is entirely a person's choice.. but if u don't want to be seen at all, then why such a masked pic at all!! beats me...

  10. I think it depends on how they are using the profile. Some people have separate profiles for work and personal life.

  11. Like Yekill and Hyde ...
    I do not like photographs of my face.

  12. बकवास बात है। सोशल साइट पर अगर आप नजर नहीं आएंगे तो क्या फायदा सोशल साइट का। बेहतर है कि ऐसे चित्र दें जिसमें आपका चेहरा साफ दिख रहा हो। नहीं तो देने का क्या फायदा। मेरे हिसाब से हर किसी को अपनी फोटो सोशल साइट पर लगानी चाहिए..बिना चित्र का प्रोफाइल सोशल साइट पर अजीब लगता है। इतनी ही प्राइवेसी रखनी हो तो सोशल साइट पर आने का क्या फायदा.......

  13. Depends on you! In this particular case, I think he wanted to tell everyone that he was a surgeon and also did not want to reveal himself. His friend know how he looks like!

  14. Put anything that u please..:) Like the world gives a damn about it!

  15. It's by choice dear... just be yourself!!!:D

    Great day!!!:D


  16. I will give you an answer that i got used to saying many many years back in MBA school..

    'it depends' !


  17. Well, for some being what they are professionally is what they want to impress upon other people. So, I guess we shouldn't get judgmental about it. Let them do what they want, if that's the way he wants people to see him then so be it! ;-)

    You know, I got this weird thought as I read this post. I feel like you are Betaal riding on the back of Vikram (readers) asking a question after the story. Just that we don't get our heads blown off if we did not answer correctly! LOL :-D

  18. Depends on why you came to the social networking site at the first place.... If you came to meet new people then an informal pic is in order.

    However if your sole aim of being there is to network with similar professionals (highly unlikely as it may sound), then it is better to dress up formally.

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